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    Hi Guys,
    So after a long day of Googling, I have gotten nowhere.
    Some background info on me: Computer Engineering Student.
    I just bought the lapdock for my Bionic, and want to actually use my phone as a laptop. How? Like the few other phones who were able to install Debian or other Linux versions on their phones. I noticed that there is no support for the Bionic.
    I also would like to know any coding apps out there (whether in the market or not). I know there is C4droid for C/C++, but I need to code in Java, Ruby, Ocaml, and a few other languages. So I'm not sure if there are any applications for writing and running code.
    let me know what you all think. For the Linux part, there are instructions on editing the android sdk & linux versions to work on a specific android phone (one Samsung model only). So I don't know if it's that simple to just tweak those instructions to work on the Bionic.

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    Op if you would like i could move this to the All Things Root forum.

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