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  1. abhishekayyaga

    abhishekayyaga New Member

    Hey I am a computer science student and I own Micromax a85 I would love to port cyanogen mod 10 to this phone if any one of u developers can point me to porting guides I am willing to put on the effort my exams are going to end in a few days I would begin my work. I would like to have some quick guides by then

    Thank you

    The username sucks I know

  2. simmer

    simmer Member

  3. simmer

    simmer Member

    it will be difficult to port because of no kernel source..
  4. chetank628

    chetank628 Active Member

    ccyangenmod 10 means jelly bean or cyangenmod 9 ics ithink jelly bean port is too difficult u should go for ics waiting for ur rom.........

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