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  1. a3164240

    a3164240 Member

    Hello, I would like to ask how hard is to learn android developement. I would like to make a couple of live wallpapers and later on some games (have many ideas). I must also say that I am not the greatest programmer, I code in PHP but I have so many problems..

  2. cryofy

    cryofy Member

    Hi a3164240,

    how hard it will be for you to learn android is 'hard' to say, it greatly depends on your prior experience with other programming languages, your knowledge in basic programming principles (e.g. oop) and especially your motivation.

    If you have prior knowledge in java/c++/c# you can download Eclipse and start with your first steps in android going through the tutorials provided by google here.

    To create life wallpapers you especially need 'design & graphics skills' to make your 'vision' work, aditionally you need some basic understanding of android and how to create those wallpapers, for example you can find a basic tutorial here.

    Here's what I think about game developement:
    Don't think about it before you have profound knowledge in java & android, it will only frustrate you... Aditionally you need understanding of 2d or 3d game engines, maybe knowledge in opengl, strong 'design & graphics skills' to visualize your concepts, etc...

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  3. a3164240

    a3164240 Member

    Hey, thanks for a nice answer. The point is...I really want to build games for android and PC and all that stuff, I have so many cool ideas and all, but I am not really good at programming. I have been learning C++ but I got lost so fast, I am coding PHP now for like half a year and I get lost a lot. I also used Blender to make 3d models, photoshop to make 2d graphics and all, I really want to make games. I even found really cool engine (Esenthel), but again, my coding.. =(
  4. cryofy

    cryofy Member

    Don't let me discourage you ;).

    The only thing I wanted to say is that game programming is a pretty 'complex thing' and that you need a lot of profound knowledge in various disciplines.

    Maybe you could get involved in some open source game project first, besides working on your own project...
  5. a3164240

    a3164240 Member

    Well I know, I have been trying out things with C++, but I got stuck very fast (at basic things). The point is that I am just not really good at programming. Also when I am looking at sources of certain things I just cant understand anything.
  6. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I have moved this thread to the Development forum so that developers can really give you there perspective. I know how to program in C++ and personally, I hate it haha. So I really don't like programming but know how to do it.

    I would say it would probably depend on your want/need to learn. If anything check out these threads:
  7. a3164240

    a3164240 Member

    Thanks for moving the thread.

    Well that is true and all, but it just seems to me that I get lost very fast at programming for some reason. I forget programming things pretty quick.

    I like the idea of programming, I would like too create my stuff and all, but then again.. =(

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