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  1. leandrokoiti

    leandrokoiti New Member

    As the title says, whenever I try to pair an A2DP bluetooth device with my Xperia Play it simply dials the last number I dialed instead of pumping up some music. Does anyone have any idea what could it be?

    The call works just fine, is just that whenever the calls ends my cellphone interrupts the media transmission and I can't stream anything to my device.

    I'm trying to connect my phone with one of those: Bluetooth MP3 SD MMC USB Car Kit FM Transmitter Modulator Black: MP3 Players & Accessories

    EDIT: I just noticed that on my Android 2.3.4, when I go to Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Bluetooth settings and hold down over the device I'm trying to connect and click "Options..." there's just the "Phone" profile available, could that be the reason I'm not being able to stream? Is there a custom rom or something else I could do to show the "Phone & Media" profile?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. leandrokoiti

    leandrokoiti New Member

    no one?

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