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  1. mooncresent

    mooncresent Active Member

    "GTs5360 does not support initizlizing" wat the????

    this may first time to encounter a unroot my unit but still no updating ayone having experiencing it ???

    my Samsung Kies version is

  2. Try to root ur phone . And do it again
  3. nube1968

    nube1968 Well-Known Member

    any update ? firmware or SW update ?
  4. arar31

    arar31 Member

    guyz,if you notice 2.3.6 version is eating a lot of battery life!!haha,,ive notice this since i bought phone,,with 25mb in internal memory,,hahaha,,i downgrade my galaxy y to 2.3.5..im satisfied with my battery life...5hourz,100% drops to 90%,,just 5hourz...
  5. But more bug fixes on 2.3.6. .....Arar that 2.3.5? Do u experience bugs?? :) thankss
  6. kowshicahmed

    kowshicahmed Member

    use custom roms or apps like juicedeffender or setcpu to save ur battery. these worked for me very well.
  7. arar31

    arar31 Member

    i didnt experience bugs..more satisfied than 2.3.6..flashing 2.3.5 have only 8mb on internel storage..while 2.3.6,,25 mb ryt?
  8. Ultimat3m3

    Ultimat3m3 New Member

    What's the easy way to save SGY battery I did read your post?

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