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  1. Manash_tab

    Manash_tab New Member

    Hello techies.... i have a serious problem with Device memory in tab 2 p3100. From the available internal device memory of 11.77 gb i am hardly using 5 gb memory. But the device is showing 10.44 gb used. I have really no idea where the rest of the memory gone. I analyzied with ES file explorer, but not able to find wer the rest of the memory is used. Apps,music and other files are using only 40% of the memory out of 10.44 gb, rest 60% no idea wer gone..plz help me...i dnt want to reset my device...and i am not sure resetting ll solve the issue or not...thanks..manash..

    PS.. It runs on jelly Bean

  2. DoctorCAD

    DoctorCAD Well-Known Member

    Android uses about 5 gigs worth.

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