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Device not listed in sdkSupport

  1. mgmdomingos

    mgmdomingos Member

    I installed sdk android-sdk_r07-windows.zip and also tried with android-sdk_r06-windows.zip.

    When I do "adb devices" the list of connected devices is empty. My phone is a Huawei U8230.

    The USB debugging mode is enabled. I can also see the files inside the phone in a Windows Disk Drive.

    Any sugestion on how to get the device listed?

  2. mgmdomingos

    mgmdomingos Member

    Fixed it.

    1. First Installed the SDK (all components including usb drivers).

    2. Then Enable USB debug mode on the phone.

    3. Then connect the phone.

    4. Then a CD Drive is detected -> run setup from that drive.

    5. Last restart adb.

    Fiuuuuuuuu that costed a lot!!!!!!

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