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  1. secretsquirrel

    secretsquirrel Well-Known Member

    Have looked at similar threads, none seem overly useful.

    Anyone know where I can download the driver for the HTC Incredible S, since I can't find anything on the HTC site and my computer says this POS phone is "not recognized" and also "reports a problem code 43".

    It seems the error code and not being recognized are both uselessly generic messages that tell me nothing.

    I tried uninstalling the driver, expecting Windows to automatically reinstall but nope. So figured I'd just to HTC and... nope, they don't have drivers on their site! Not for this phone anyway.

    It's obviously connected as my PC makes the "duh-donk" noise and the phone's orange charging light comes on.

    There are no options to connect on the notification bar or anywhere else. It just sits there in charging mode, not USB connection mode. I've tried via settings telling it to default to USB connection but no difference.

    In Windows control panel it's listed as "Unknown device", no drivers loaded and the error triangle.



  2. secretsquirrel

    secretsquirrel Well-Known Member

    Well after reading about possibly dodgy cables I noticed my wife's Note has a USB cable connected to a plug as a charger - so tried swiping the cable from it and using that..?

    It worked!

    Seems the cables HTC supply are shite.

  3. Quills88

    Quills88 Member

    It seems like your problem can be fixed by installing HTC Sync. It loads the HTC drivers on your system and after that you can even uninstall the program. Also you want to go to options / development and turn USB debugging on and go to power settings and uncheck fastboot. Once you do all that the phone should connect no trouble.


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