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  1. Slacker1313

    Slacker1313 Active Member

    My first MicroSd card failed. Camera was storing on device memory. I installed a new MicroSD, moved all the photos and video over to the SD card and my phone memory did not change at all.

    Phone: 7.19 GB Free of 9.51GB
    Card: 58.9 GB free of 59.4 GB

    Does this seem right? Phone internal memory at 7.19g?
    What other folders should I be moving over to SD card?

    Edited: Let me clarify I already know to place on SD card folders such as music, documents, etc... I am just wondering if their are any folders I am not thinking of that can be placed on SD card? Thx

  2. CzechPleez

    CzechPleez Well-Known Member

    Based on what I've learned about latest versions of Android, use the SD storage for "consumable" media; i.e. music, pics, movies. Apps-on-SD seems to be widely debated and many stories are out there.

    Also, make sure you clean your app, history and log caches periodically to keep on-board storage as free as possible.
  3. shmn

    shmn Well-Known Member

    Yes that seems about right. The phones come with only about 8GB available to use out of the 16GB.

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