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Support Devour will not allow me to get into the Bootloader

  1. Nick1801

    Nick1801 New Member

    I purchased a Motorola Devour from someone today and they said all it needed was to be flashed and then it would work. I thought it would be simple enough to flash it but I guess I was wrong. Whenever I take the battery out and Hold E and R to go into the Bootloader with the USB plugged in, the phone just flashes the M White Screen, and does so until unplugged. When I try to boot into recovery mode the phone does nothing but go to the White M Screen, but then sits there unless I hold the R and Space buttons, then the phone will start flashing the Blur logo next to the M, which then leads to a reboot of the phone.

    I'm open to try anything about now, and just wish to use this phone.

    Any help is appreciated, Thanks!


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