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devour wont save picturesSupport

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  1. trapt4orlife

    trapt4orlife Member

    Just recently I went to send a picture and my gallery did not show any pictures, so I tried taking and saving a picture and it will not save those pictures as well as will not save received pictures, anyone know a solution?

  2. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Well-Known Member

    Has it never saved your pictures, or did this problem just start?
  3. egrenko88

    egrenko88 New Member

    ive had this problem and have gone through a good number of devours. the verizon store claims theyve never heard of it. just keep complaining, they'll replace your sd card then eventually the phone model when they get sick of giving you free replacements. mine would also fully delete every picture i took and no matter what file recovery software i downloaded it wouldnt pull them back up. be sure to back up your pics, a lot.
  4. katluth

    katluth New Member

    I have this problem with photos and also contacts...it would never let me save the voicemail number and now it won't save contact edits or photos. The memory card is empty.

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