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dext sugestions

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  1. LZmx

    LZmx New Member

    hi everybody, a few days back i got a motorola dext, at the begining i was really happy with this phone, except for one thing, the battery life, i had to charge the phone twice a day and i was getting really mad because of this, but i found a solution to exted the battery life, i used taskiller, use this when you are not going to use all the features in the phone, the music player is always running in background, and other apps, with taskiller you can close all the apps that are not going to use, also turn 3g, gps and wifi off, with this your battery is gonna last a lot, well is just a sugestion

  2. gorrion

    gorrion Member

    I'm agree with LZmx. Another tip: turn off/on your phone from time to time (I usually do it once each several days).

    I don't know why, but it helps.
  3. daiking

    daiking Member

    How do you. Do these things on the DEXT? Although the menus are. similar to my htc tattoo, I can't seem to. find any of the power options on the DEXT. Battery life is really bad
  4. gorrion

    gorrion Member

    Daiking, be careful while writing. I'm not english spoken and the dots in your post gave me almost a headache, until I found out they shouldn't exist ;)

    My daily protocol would be: during the night I left it charging. After waking up (with the alarm) I switch off/on the DEXT. Then, almost inmediatly, I kill a lot of the apps that have been loaded. I do this using "Advanced Task Manager Free". I've tried it with others, but at last I've prefered this one.

    In any other moment, after using several apps, I use the Task Killer again.

    I must say that I don't have flat rate for 3G, so I have it usually off, with APNdroid. I use the Wifi connection, but always in orther to save battery, I only turn it on when I need it, and for 15 minutes each hour, with "Timeriffic" (this app+APNdroid handles also 3G), just in order to be synchronized contacts, email, etc.

    Actually, I end the day with at least 50% of battery.

    Hope this helps you!
  5. daiking

    daiking Member

    Sorry, I was using my HTC Tattoo and my fat fingers are not good on the touchscreen keyboard.

    Thanks for the suggestions, the DEXT is my wife's phone so I shall look on the market for some of those apps


    This DEXT sub forum is very quiet, I've been browsing the CLIQ forum as well as I think they are the same phone.
  6. daiking

    daiking Member

    The DEXT requested to download a firmware update this morning. It promised battery life improvement. I've done it, will wait to see if it does improve.

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