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dgm t-909 tablet

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  1. swimming

    swimming Active Member

    hiya everyone
    i have just brought a new dgm t -909 tablet , and begin to wish i hadnt, the problum i got is that i carnt access anything from the play store, i have put in my gmail, and my card details, and it just keeps on saying downloading and nothing happens, i have a htc phone, so i know a bit about tha andriod market pleas can anyone help thanks wendy

  2. kamdroid123

    kamdroid123 Member

    I too, have the same problem with my wife's new DGM T-909. I've tried leaving the tablet connected for over 2 hours and still it says "downloading". I don't have a microSD card inserted but there is plenty of internal storage. I cannot get a reply from the DGM customer/technical support and I'm not impressed.
  3. aandaps

    aandaps New Member

    I too, and had the same problem, and as kamdroid123 i thought maybe some or all of aps may be saved to sd card so put new, and still the same problem.
    I managed to get through to dgm and explained the problem, and was told they are aware of the problem and i had to leave email address so they could email me with a fix link when they sort it, this set alarm bells ringing and i have returned it before the returns period expired. hope this has answered your question, if you are prepared to wait for a fix contact customer services @ dgm and supply them with your email address.
  4. swimming

    swimming Active Member

    I phoned dgm 3 days ago and hasn't got back to me, so i phoned ideal world where i brought it from and i am sending it back to them on Monday.
    Dgm said they have had loads of them complain and was looking into it, but i am not prepared to wait. they said they will send me another one , not sure if i want then to
    buy another one .
  5. DGM_UK

    DGM_UK Member

    Hi, we are looking into why it is taking a while to download apps from the market place and will reply on this thread shortly. There is however, no problem with the actual software
    and no 'software fix' as the problem is not related to software. In the last few weeks we have sold countless tablets and this is the first time we hearing of this particular problem. I will get back shortly with a range of options as to what can be done to fix the problem.
  6. DGM_UK

    DGM_UK Member

    Hi, we apologize for any trouble you may have been having with the tablets, however are you sure you are connected to wifi and also have you downloaded any other apps or can you not download any apps whatsoever? We are not having any problems with tablets tested on our end and no other customers are having any of these problems once you are sure you are connected to wifi reply on this thread and I will be able to talk you through a fix.
  7. kamdroid123

    kamdroid123 Member

    Hi DGM_UK, I was told by your Customer Services that this is a known problem and that there have been loads of complaints. I personally have WiFi connected and have followed all the correct procedures. I connect to the store and selected the app but all I get is the blue scroll bar saying "downloading" but that progress bar is just sitting there and scrolling left to right. I have since downloaded a raw .APK file from the internet to my desktop PC and pasted into the tablet and installed it from there and it works. However, this is not practical when you are on the move. I can give you the names of the Customer Service personnel that I have spoken to if this will help. I am not impressed.
  8. ExtremeNerd

    ExtremeNerd Well-Known Member

    This is why you don't buy generic tablets. They never work, and you end up with more pain and suffering than it is worth. Save up, spend the extra $50 on a real device. These types of "budget" devices give Android a black eye.
  9. calm

    calm New Member

    hi, i received my t909 today and i have the same problem, just says downloading, it lets you search the web fine
  10. Pwgwrw11

    Pwgwrw11 New Member

    Same problem here guys. Shame cos it's a neat little unit. Pleaseeee help
  11. Pwgwrw11

    Pwgwrw11 New Member

    Same problem with me,,, surely there's a fix for this the unit is pointless as it is
  12. wyeres

    wyeres Member

    Same here, hey dgm how about talking us all through the fix you mentioned yesterday??
  13. tobydog21

    tobydog21 New Member

    Same here...when I phoned today they said that they had had no problems with the groupon bought tablets... Mine is from there.
  14. loululu

    loululu New Member

    Mine is from groupon too and i am having the same problem. The tablet seems a bit pointless for me if it cant download. Has anyone tried to return?
  15. EC13

    EC13 New Member

    Same problem with mine, also bought via groupon. And yes, my wifi is turned on (duh). I second loululu's question above, anyone tried returning it?
  16. wyeres

    wyeres Member

    Mine was from groupon to, i have emailed dgm this morning to ask about there returns policy and also emailed groupon asking for my money back, i will keep you posted
  17. DGM_UK

    DGM_UK Member

    Hi, I am trying to sort out your problem I have tested a few tablets and in all of them when I start the tablet and go to the android market place and it asks if I want to update the software for the market place; once I have agreed to update the software the apps download properly. If you did however do this and it still is not working can you please email me your contact details: meer.sheh@digimate.com and I will contact you personally and see if I can resolve the problem for you over the phone. Please be assured all I am doing at the moment is trying to resolve your issue.
  18. kamdroid123

    kamdroid123 Member

    Hi DGM_UK, I have tried to download a weather app to test the DGM T-909. First of all, it does not ask for an update so I checked and saw that the version I have for the Google Play Store is 3.4.7. I still could not download. If you have a fix, I am happy for you to call me. I've sent you an email with my details as per your post above.
  19. DGM_UK

    DGM_UK Member

    I am still looking into the problem however, it may be a simple fault in the sense that something may have gone wrong when setting up the tablet so please contact our customer services:

    Customer Service & Order Enquiry
    Telephone : +44 (0) 871 250 7000
    Email : order_enquiry@digimate.com

    Warranty & Returns
    Telephone : +44 (0) 871 250 8000
    Email : returns@digimate.com

    to those that have emailed me please be assured I will get back to you once I have resolved the issue.
  20. rawcopford

    rawcopford New Member

    hi, does anyone have any idea how to switch the camera from front to rear view, all i can do is take a photo of myself, which is not such a good idea, thanks
  21. wyeres

    wyeres Member

    i have just spoken to the guy at dmg and it seems as though the tablet hasnt loaded google play even if the google play tab is shown on the home screen, the 2 are not correctly sync'd, he has suggested I return it and they will send me out a new one,( bit of a worry as it took 3 weeks to get the first one) it seems a lot of the problems have been in the last few days so may have been a bad batch
  22. wyeres

    wyeres Member

    rawford you are meant to just press the picture of the camera and it would switch but mine didnt work either!!
  23. DGM_UK

    DGM_UK Member

    Please try this and tell me if it works:

    Tap Menu > Settings > Apps>
    Find the ""All"" tab
    Scroll down to Play Store and tap to select
    Tap "Uninstall updates"

    Reboot your tablet and then once rebooted open the Google Play Store app, agree with the terms and conditions. Then try and download a simple app such as right move.
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  24. DGM_UK

    DGM_UK Member

    Also if you look at the tablet there is no camera at the back, so there is only front view.
  25. DGM_UK

    DGM_UK Member

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