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dgm t-909 tablet

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  1. EC13

    EC13 New Member

    I second Snarf36's post above. I was unable to get through to customer service on the phone despite trying continuously for the past two days. I sent an email instead. DGM_UK, can you please advise on the returning procedure?

  2. CLM0207

    CLM0207 New Member

    We've emailed DGM a number of times, received a few automated replies saying we will get a response! Um still no response! All we want to know is returns procedure as after waiting 6 weeks for this product followed by the most appaulling or should I say lack of customer service i have ever encountered, I've frankly had enough. Im concerned that should I just send this product back I will not receive a refund, they're not proving the most reliable of companies!!!

    We sent one last email, if again no response we will be contacting trading standards and also looking at the number of complaints on this forum, may suggest we all club together and raise this with Watch Dog!

    Also dont you find it strange that from DGM find the time to post comments on this forum but cant find the time to answer their emails directly nor answer their calls in the 6000, 7000, 8000 numbers!!!
  3. CLM0207

    CLM0207 New Member

    Please can you confirm that the ruislip office address is where we send this product back to in order to receive a refund? Thanks
  4. Snarf36

    Snarf36 Member

    I received a feedback email from groupon yesterday. I filled it in accurately. Hopefully if others do the same they won't let DGM sell with them again and save others the hassle we are having.
  5. DGM_UK

    DGM_UK Member

    Please email me directly at meer.sheh@digimate.com and I will personally deal with your queries, this way you can get a response specifically relating to you and much faster.
  6. CLM0207

    CLM0207 New Member

    we included you in our email yesterday morning, included Groupon, John from DGM and returns email and have received no response from any of you. We shall be returning our tablet today to the Ruislip Office and will be requiring a full refund.
  7. DGM_UK

    DGM_UK Member

    I do apologize due to the volume of emails I am receiving some slip through I believe I have replied now.
  8. CLM0207

    CLM0207 New Member

    Meer, I have received your reply, thank you.
  9. Patriot1945ccc

    Patriot1945ccc New Member

    I've just sent my defunct tablet ( grandsons birthday present ) straight back to TV shopping channel from wence it came --for refund . !! The channels advisor ( from Bombay ) kept whittering on about wi-fi, passwords, downloads etc ..

    I told him my 15 yr old grandson knew more about IT etc . than me , him, & the tablets manufacture put together & if say s it doesnt work ...IT DOESNT WORK !!!!!!
  10. lid399

    lid399 New Member

    I have just received my tablet and yet another customer unable to download apps from play store. I went onto the help section of play store and it says only registered listed devices could successfully download apps from playstore. The dgm t909 is not listed. What good is a tablet if you can't download apps? Surely if they knew of these problems why didn't they check mine before sending it out
  11. Rossy53

    Rossy53 New Member

    I received mine this week and its absolutely fantastic, I went straight on to google play and downloaded lots of stuff. E-reader is great too. I know this may sound stupid to say but first time I tried I didn't realise I'd used my sky account to log in, then it clicked so up n running in ten minutes, love it, in fact after another for my grandson
  12. Snarf36

    Snarf36 Member

    Rossy you can have mine!
  13. kamdroid123

    kamdroid123 Member

    I had mine replaced by DGM at their Ruislip office. I haven't put the new one through its paces yet but I did manage to download an app from Google Play which the original tablet could not do. Now that they have my old one (I say old but it was bought a month ago) I hope they don't just bin it. They said they would investigate why it could not download. Hopefully, they will come up with a fix so we don't all have to send or take our tablets back.
  14. SkylerC

    SkylerC New Member

    Received mine today (purchased also through groupon) I've tried just about everything I can to download apps from google and other sited to no avail :( Please fix this problem as Iwaited over a month to receive it and its my Birthday pressie ;(......x
  15. kirkdale1

    kirkdale1 New Member

    Received mine early last week, also purchased through Groupon. Powered up, accessed Google Play, which immediately notified me that there was an update available. Followed the instructions ie accepted update, and immediately was able to download apps. Sorry most of you appear to have had problems but (touch wood) mine appears to be fine and I'm very pleased with it. I did try to download BBC iPlayer but after several attempts, realised that the Flash download just wasn't going to happen. Downloaded an app called BBC Media Player and lo and behold, BBC iPlayer works perfectly.
    So again, one very happy bunny here :))
  16. SiW91

    SiW91 New Member

    Same problem here with the tablet I bought from Groupon. Would it be wise to do a complete system restore and reboot the whole device to start from scratch?
  17. tctelboy

    tctelboy New Member

    I received my 909 about five days ago plugged it in, switched on and everything is fine so far! Have added 32gb extsd card great. I connect to internet via HTC Wildfire wi-fi hotspot and can download anything from Google Play except App's that say not compatible which is understandable as some apps don't seem to work with Android 4.0.4!

    Have loaded all my college study books in pdf, and a whole bunch of other stuff and so far no problems!
  18. robertathome

    robertathome New Member

    I purchased two T909 thru Groupon. One works fully. The other will not download.
    The difference i see in the software is the Kernel. 3.08+ is the one in the faulty tablete.
    I am no computer wizz and need an easy fix.
  19. SiW91

    SiW91 New Member

    What Kernel version is the fully functional tablet running?
    My disfunctional device is running 3.0.8

  20. chernysh

    chernysh New Member

    I bought T909 about two weeks ago (arrived on or about 05.10.2012, a bit later than promised at first. Groupon voucher, too) . It worked fine for about a week, but then it became impossible to create new directories. I tried several file managers, and mkdir in a the terminal application. In all cases a new directory is not created.
    Downloaded applications also became unable to create new directories. I verified this by uninstalling iAnnotate PDF, removing its directory, and installing it again. It did not create the directory it created in the first installation, and hence stopped working at all (to my huge disappointment as I need an ability to annotate pdf files).
    I did a factory reset. Nothing changed.
    I also noticed that ebooks I downloaded became corrupted after several days, and I had to download them again.

    Overall, it looks like something is wrong with file system.

    This is a pity, as I liked the device while it worked.

    Has anyone successfully got a refund for T909 bought via Groupon? How do I do this?

    (To DGM-UK, if you are reading the posts here: I would prefer a fix!)
  21. DGM_UK

    DGM_UK Member

    Hi, I would like to apologize for the problems you are having with the tablet, if you can email me directly: meer.sheh@digimate.com I will deal with your problems and if need be we can organize a replacement for you. It is a small number of tablets that have had this problem considering how many we have sold, again apologies.
  22. Gruntyuk

    Gruntyuk New Member

    Hi all. Mine seems to be downloading apps ok.... but not able to install USB drivers (Win7). Anyone managed to install on PC? Any suggestions on drivers? Couldn't find any on the DGM site. Thanks.
  23. lscott88

    lscott88 New Member

    I am also having no luck downloading the apps. Does anyone else have a problem with their computer not recognising the device when you connect it. I tried to connect the T909 to my laptop thinking I could transfer some files easier that way but my laptop does not even register it exists!!!
  24. andyprior83

    andyprior83 New Member

    I received my tablet yesterday and was playing around to see what it was like, not that fast but what do you expect for
  25. safc demon

    safc demon New Member

    so we got our tablet through the groupon offer, it took forever to arrive but we got there in the end, and after trawling through all the complaints from others online i was a bit nervous as to what to expect.

    I can echo the post above though, I haven't had any of the problems with google play etc fortunately, and whilst its not that fast, it does pretty much what i expected for the money i paid.

    I share the concern with the flash player, i've installed the update from google play but can't seem to get it working at all.

    and one BIG issue I have is the strength (or apparent lack of) of the WiFi radio, sat in my front room last night, within a few feet of my virgin media router, I could only get a 'fair' strength connection whilst everything else in the house that uses wifi - my laptop, two HTC phones etc, all have excellent strength, and later when I took the tablet upstairs, it went out of range and I could not connect to wifi, all my other wifi kit has an excellent strength connection all over the house, and its only a small house!

    If I could get it to connect to wifi all over the house, I could pretty much live with the other concerns - has anyone else had wifi range issues?

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