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DHD Car Panel Keeps popping up!!!!Support

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  1. abhineetkundu

    abhineetkundu Active Member

    I am hving this annoying issue with my DHD.
    My CAR PANEL app (HTC BUILT IN) keeps popping up after every 5 mins.
    I close it and it comes back on again.
    I have tried restarting my phone and it did not work. I have tried reformating my phone and it did not work then also.
    Can someone please help me!
    I have switched off my LOCATIONS tab.

  2. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    crikey somethings not right there im afraid, not got that issue (yet). might want to call HTc support to see if its an issue? also...have you installed any new apps recently before this issue started occuring?
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  3. abhineetkundu

    abhineetkundu Active Member

    not that I can remember of. It must have been a game. but the strange thing is, it keeps popping up randomly.
    I will be calling HTC support and keep you guys posted if any solution comes up.
    Thanks for the help.
  4. Keeper

    Keeper Member

    I had that problem, there is a setting in car panel that auto opens the program you have to unclick it. Not sure why it starts either but it's happened a few times for me. My screen also turns on by itself randomly... which I can't fix
  5. abhineetkundu

    abhineetkundu Active Member

    My Car Panel problem got fixed automatically( thank god!). But i now still have the problem of the display keeps starting up even if they phone is locked.
    What the hell is happening?????????????????
  6. yan914

    yan914 New Member

    I have the same problem! Is urs fixed?
  7. y2cragie

    y2cragie Member

    guys, this is a problem with the charging port. apparently its either two of the metal parts crossing, or just dust in there. i had the same problem for a while, forcefully moved the charging lead around while attatched to phone, till calls stopped going to speaker phone and display stopped coming on.
  8. Ramboss

    Ramboss New Member

    Did you guys manage to fix your DHDs as i've got the exact same problem. The forceful solution doesn't sound like the best option.
  9. AndroidFreud

    AndroidFreud Member

    Hello all,

    Sadly, I've also just had this problem start up. Car panel keeps launching repeatedly, display turns on randomly and it keeps going into speaker phone - ALL the symptoms. Wonder what could be causing it. This happens regardless whether it's charging or not. Hope there is a fix for this or some sort of update to fix it.

    Update: (FIXED?) Turning off 'Automatically launch car panel..' under Menu>Settings>Dock seems to have helped stop the car panel from launching thus far (I also did a standard restart on the phone after setting this, just to be on the safe side - everything else is exactly as is (did not switch off locations or anything else) - Will post back here if the problem resurfaces.
  10. hooter343

    hooter343 Member

    Anybody fixed this yet? Mines just started doing this a couple of days ago. I've turned off the car panel and cleaned out the usb port but the speaker still comes on when I use the phone and its driving me mad.!
  11. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Have you tried the solution just above your post?

    I haven't had this issue, so don't know if that is a fix...

    EDIT - given that AndroidFreud hasn't posted back to say that this is still an issue/has resurfced, then I guess it did sort it!
  12. hooter343

    hooter343 Member

    Yes I have turned off the car panel app and that does not come up anymore but every time I use the phone for a incoming or outgoing call the speaker comes on. And every now and again the screen comes on at random. There are a few posts on other forums about this problem but mo solutions. This phone is driving me round the bend.
  13. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Sorry... my bad... mis-read your post! Thought you were asking how to stop it coming on - hadn't realised that it was the speaker issue!! :)
  14. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    If this is related to the charger port, has anyone tried taking a can of compressed air and blowing it into the charger port.
  15. hooter343

    hooter343 Member

    I got a cocktail stick and cleaned out the usb with some nail varnish remover, there was loads of fluff in there! Then i got a pin and carefully rubbed it round in there, did a standard reset but still no good. It seems to have started after I plugged it into my car charger and when i looked at the charger end it has a load of gunk in it so I think it may be to do with the usb. At a loss.
  16. hooter343

    hooter343 Member

    Just plugged my phone in as it was getting flat to my house charger and left it for 1 hour tried it and the speaker problem has gone away? I'm convinced its the USB plug, will report back if it comes back.

  17. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Glad it sounds like it's sorted though!:)
  18. hooter343

    hooter343 Member

    Started again this morning very strange? Put the car charger in wiggled it about a bit and it stopped, definitely a problem here with these phones!
  19. hooter343

    hooter343 Member

    This is happening al the time now, has anyone contacted HTC about this problem, I'm thinking of taking the phone back to car phone warehouse where I got it. Its the USB port for sure cos if you move the charger plug when you make a call the speaker comes on and off.
  20. spytim

    spytim New Member

    Same problem here, started a week ago. Any solutions.

    to reiterate: car panel pops up all the time and EVERY time I make or receive a call it defaults to speakerphone.

    someone must know how to fix this.... any HTC staff around lol?
  21. lvq684

    lvq684 New Member

    Had the same problem. For about 2 hours ago I
  22. Overt

    Overt New Member

    the speaker problem can be solved by removing the sim card place it back and restart ur phone.......this works for me....the car panel seems to stop after i plugged in the usb cord and moving around the cord forcefully and when the car icon dissapear i remove it (i tried like 7 times to get it right) the screen automatically turn on.......I HAVE NO IDEA !!!! Has someone found a solution to this ????......plis tell me quick its draining my battery like hell..............
  23. karenu

    karenu New Member

    I did the same thing but unfortunately calls starting on speakerphone and random screen light ups still happening.. cleaning the USB port, pulling the battery and such didn't help.
  24. SB13X

    SB13X Well-Known Member

    For those of you suffering issues here how many are using the car charger? The car charger is designed to do exactly as you describe...opening up the car panel and/or putting all calls to speaker phone. The mini usb end of the charger that goes to your phone is designed differently to your standard mains charger that came with the phone. It bridges certain contacts in the handsets female micro usb port. Is the problem that this continues to happen long after you unplug your handsets from the car chargers?
  25. incision

    incision New Member

    I've had this issue for some time now and I think I just solved it. Given the nature of the problem I guess it'll come back at some point but as long as the charger port doesn't break I'll just repeat the solution next time.
    First off the problem is defenitely a physical error in the charger port, I'm positive it has nothing to do with the phones software. What happens is some kind of short circuting inside the port (or possibly behind it inside the phone) that closes the same bridge that the car charger is supposed to close thus activating car panel and speaker phone etc.

    The first step is to get a "live" indication on wheter the bridge in the port is closed or not. There are many ways to do this but I found it easiest to just activate auto start of the car panel (Menu>Settings>Dock). When the car icon appears in the status bar the bridge is closed and vice versa.
    Then insert the phone end of the charger cord (obviously do not use a car charger chord) into the phone and gently twist it in different directions and track the car icon in the status bar to see at which point it dissapears. I found the correct way to "bend" the phone port to be downwards (with the phones screen facing upwards).
    Hope this works!

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