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  1. JonnyAlpha

    JonnyAlpha New Member


    My trusty DHD bought a year ago SIM Free from Carphone Warehouse went through the wash and is kaput. Having recently moved to Germany with the Army I replaced it with another DHD SIM Free but bought from a T Mobile Partner called TKS?

    Although this phone is SIM Free and not tied to a Network Provider when it boots up it has an annoying Pink ..... T splash screen and does not whsitle the standard HTC tune instead it has a horribly tinny tune akin to an old phonic tune handset.

    I have just installed a software update and the phone is now at version

    Couple of questions:

    1. Can I install a ROM update that will make this a truely independant phone I.E return the standard HTC Splash Screen (Which now appears after the T Mobile splash screen), if so how.

    2. Will this ROM completly reset my phone (nothing on it yet).

    3. I checked for another sofwtare update and it now shows that update 2.3 is available (Is this Gingerbread) and should I install it or wait until rebuilding the ROM?

    4. I am using the same SIM card that was in my old phone but none of the original contacts appear to be on the SIM (Strange as when I bunged this SIM card into my wifes old iPhone they all appeared on her phone. Why are they not visible on this new phone, I have tried the import contacts from SIM. Is it maybe this is not a completely SIM Free Phone?

    5. My old SD card appears to be OK, although I now have another blank 8GB card. My photos and videso are still on it would my contacts be on it?

    Many thanks and that's all for now.


  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Hey Jonny, welcome to AF! :)

    Installing a ROM will replace the HTC splash screen, but as far as I'm aware the T-Mobile one will remain. If rooted, you can change that, but it's not something I've done. Running an RUU might change it, but you'd need a goldcard and I can't say for sure whether or not it will.

    Yeah, you'll be starting from scratch, you can back up apps and data if you're rooted with an app called Titanium. If there's nothing there to backup though, there's no reason to worry.

    What do you mean by rebuilding, installing all your apps again, or installing another ROM?

    Open the phonebook, hit menu and there should be more options or view? I can't remember on the stock ROM, do you have an option to show/hide sets of numbers?

    If they're on the SIM, I'll give you instructions on how to link them to your gmail account so they're there when/if you change handsets.

    They might be, did you export them to the SD Card at all?

    No worries, hope some of that helped. Feel free to ask again if not.
  3. JonnyAlpha

    JonnyAlpha New Member

    Many thanks for the reply.

    It was the T Mobile splash screen that I was hoping to remove, I bought this advertised (new) as SIM free but it appears to have T Mobile embedded in it!!!

    to clear up my question ref Gingerbread, what I meant was if i decided to flash a new ROM to get rid of the T Mobile stuff, should I do that before or after I install Gingerbread i.e. if I flash a new ROM will it remove any software updates I have already done?

    Contacts appear not to on either my old SIM or on my old SD card, they must have been in the phones built in memory?

  4. hocturnalsoul

    hocturnalsoul Well-Known Member

    You will more than likely find a generic ROM that is Gingerbread, therefore there would be no need to do the update as your device will be completely wiped before it can install the new ROM, which of course will then install the Gingerbread build. Of course you should back everything up that is on the device. Make sure that your contacts are eith on your sim card, SD card or Google account.
  5. JonnyAlpha

    JonnyAlpha New Member

    Where would I locate a generic DHD HTC ROM with Gingerbread and instructions on how to install without bricking my DHD?

  6. CDPlant

    CDPlant Well-Known Member

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