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  1. sparkerzzzz

    sparkerzzzz Active Member

    What is the quality of the DHD speaker, I've heard it's not very loud or clear?
    I'm upgrading from an iphone 2G which had a terrible speaker, so I assume it's better than that. Is it loud enough to listen to music without headphones?

  2. AstralZero

    AstralZero Well-Known Member

    My initial impression; running the same YouTube video on my iPhone 3G and DHD - not an intense or incredibly professionally test by any means...

    ...both speakers sound just as tinny, low quality. The only difference is the 3G goes a bit louder. Possibly some slight distortion at top volume on the DHD.

    Not a big problem for me because when I want good quality sound from a speaker (in my car) I use a bluetooth hands free loudspeaker thingy that does a good job.

    Apart from that I imagine the DHD will do an addequate job with whatever else I might need it for, which is just YouTube and games really.

    If you use speakerphone in phone conversation constantly, or watch a lot of movies without headphones you may find it inadequate.
  3. Artaq

    Artaq Active Member

    Been using the phone for a few days now. The speaker for me works fine when using it as speakerphone in conversations. The only issues I get is a low signal when indoors, which makes the sound bad.

    Playing music, I would use an in ear head phones in most cases.
    However as to playing music with just the speaker, did find it to be very tin like. With a lower volume that my last phone.

    To be honest for quality, I would use a headset everytime.

    Compaired to the HTC Hero (my old ohone) the music did sound much better on the Hero, while also louder to be honest.

    So I would agree the DHD speaker is not better than some other phones on the market.
  4. sparkerzzzz

    sparkerzzzz Active Member

    I will use headphones most of the time, but it's useful if we're sitting in the garden to be able to play some music that everyone can hear.
  5. fraz1776

    fraz1776 Active Member

    The speaker is OK, not as good as my old Hero but it does the job, after reading reviews and stuff I was expecting it to be absolutely whisper quiet the way they banged on about it but it ain't that bad.
  6. Brewster0101

    Brewster0101 Well-Known Member

    Its a phone yeah, not a 'boom box'

    The speaker is 100% fine for everyday use of a phone. For phone calls on speaker phone it works well. Its not loud, but it does not need to be.

    If you expect to use your 'phone' as a portable boom box then you are not really in touch with reality.

    Also worth noting EU law does dictate the volume output of audio equipment that is used close to the ear.
  7. sparkerzzzz

    sparkerzzzz Active Member

    Wow, calm down, I'm sorry if I insulted your precious phone! My son has a Sony Erricson and we can all hear it outside quite comfortably whereas my iphone is almost silent in comparison. I just wanted an idea of how loud the DHD was. I do not need a reality check, you need to relax.
  8. mrmrchris

    mrmrchris Active Member

    I was quite dissapointed by the phone's speaker. It is a lot weaker than the speaker on my old HTC Magic.
  9. KDR7

    KDR7 Member

  10. robsie

    robsie New Member

    Hi I understand what you are saying, my desire is the same low speaker volume and poor sound. I had a Sony K800i before and that was much better you could leve the phone on your desk while having a conversation i find with the desire you need to keep the phone in your hand and close to you. play back for music is not very good sounds tinny.

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