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  1. Arhtard

    Arhtard Well-Known Member

    Instructions to put your Gravity Smart into diagnostic or field test mode.

    Enter *#197328640#

    ***Warning*** DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK

    Just entering these modes will not harm your phone...
    But if you change something that you don't know about it could mess up your phone...
    I'm not responsible for your actions.

    CDMA workshop does work with this phone model, only when the sim card is out of the phone, from my experience.

    Entering this code: *#7465625# will return info on which locks are active

  2. kachman

    kachman Member

    do you which parameters are responsible for not having 3G access for internet?
  3. lee065803

    lee065803 New Member

    Does anybody have a list of the field test commands for the gravity? I am interested in locking the phone to the 1900 frequency
  4. kocoman

    kocoman Active Member

    any way to force 3g instead of h or h+? thx

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