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  1. Prso9

    Prso9 Well-Known Member

    I upgraded my phone contract with Dial-a-Phone in March this year, I am still with orange, kept my same phone number and account number. I have just realised that I am being overcharged for my contract. I have just phoned Orange and was told that I need to phone Dial-a-Phone as they are the one's giving me a discount on my contract. I signed into my Dial-a-Phone account and on their website it says I need to speak to Orange if I have an account query.

    I am having to wait until tomorrow before I can speak to Dial-a-Phone, but does anyone know who I should be speaking to about this?

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Who are you paying? DaP or Orange?

    Whoever gets your money is the one who are overcharging, therefore they should be the ones to give it back/sort going forward.
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  3. Prso9

    Prso9 Well-Known Member

    I spoke to Dial-a-Phone before intending to speak to Orange again but the guy at Dial-a-Phone was very helpful and he is going to contact Orange and tell them what my monthly contract should be
  4. balders

    balders Well-Known Member

    When I upgraded through cpw it took over a month for them to apply the discount. So the first bill didn't have the discount but the second had it twice to make up for it.
  5. dnapro

    dnapro Well-Known Member

    Glad you managed to get it sorted. :)

    When it comes to 3rd party connections or upgrades it is the responsibilty of the dealer to inform us what has been offered and if any discount is to be applied, it normally gets sorted. Some dealers leave out this information on the connections system so our automated system doen't know it needs to apply the discount.
  6. The1nonly1

    The1nonly1 Member

    FYI. I work at Phones4U head office who own Dialaphone. As the poster above said. This should have been sent to Orange from DAP and may not come into effect until your second bill.
  7. steadybagger

    steadybagger New Member

    Exactly the same issue here. Dialaphone and Orange, signed up to a

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