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Dial app always dialing to pbx

  1. lesouvage

    lesouvage New Member

    I'm looking for a dial app with two basic features
    - After entering a number always dial to a fixed number being the number of an Asterisk (communication toolkit/open source PBX) PBX
    - After the PBX picks up the phone send the number entered as dtmf tones to the PBX, so the PBX can set up a call to this number and bridge the two legs. (from android phone to pbx/from pbx to entered number) so the desired connection is set up.

    With this app available it would be quite easy to integrate mobile phones into the internal communication infra structure and keep the presence info up to date even when someone is not available because he is making a phonecall with his/her mobile android phone.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. lesouvage

    lesouvage New Member

    Prefix+ is doing the trick. More apps showed up but I tried this one and it seems perfect. Disabling the "Confirm Window" doesn't work but the app, in combination with 4 lines on the Asterisk server, is enough for a basic mobile integration.

    exten => 31208080111/31621830111,1,Answer()
    exten => 31208080111/31621830111,n,Read(PHONE_NUMBER||10||)
    exten => 31208080111/31621830111,n,Dial(SIP/31208080111/${PHONE_NUMBER},30,r)
    exten => 31208080651/31621830837,n,Hangup()

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