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  1. allende

    allende New Member

    Hi, I got a MT for Christmas and love it. Only thing is when i call my bank account and switch on the dial pad to input numbers it begins to black out, does it sporadically and stays black for different lengths of time. The phone is not rooted and has a few extra apps installed on top of the already installed ones. Have tried resetting to no avail. Any ideas? Sorry if i'm not in the right place, i'm new to the forum scene:D

  2. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    One thing you may want to make sure is you don't have your finger covering the proximity sensor which is on the top just to the right of the speaker... When the proximity sensor is covered the screen goes black. If your not then it may be a faulty proximity sensor... Maybe someone else can give more insight but that's all I can think of it being...
  3. Amanda865

    Amanda865 Member

    I would consider trying what they ^^^ said and if it doesn't work i'd just send the phone back and get a replacement phone since you have a one year warranty on it anyways.

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