Dialer app crash?

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  1. hej

    hej Member

    Has anybody else here had any problems with the dialer app locking up when placing or trying to pick up calls? I returned my phone after the 5th time it happened. Just curious if anybody else has had this problem, as I want to wait until this is fixed before getting another G1.

  2. SirFenwick

    SirFenwick Well-Known Member

    First time I heard of this problem. Never had it myself.
  3. zewm

    zewm Member

    Happened to me yesterday. I was trying to call a friend and the application just would not respond. I had to power cycle the phone.
  4. hej

    hej Member

    Just curious, how long have you had your phone and how frequently are you making/taking calls?
  5. hej

    hej Member

    Yes, I too had to power cycle the phone.

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