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  1. akkirods

    akkirods New Member

    I am using HTC ChaCha, and recently I discovered my battery is getting drained in just 3 to 4 hours, then I checked so I found there is an app or something Name DIALER that is consuming my battery upto 80%. Somebody help me its really annoying to see my battery die in just 3 hours!

  2. Android1

    Android1 Well-Known Member

  3. akkirods

    akkirods New Member

    Not helping..
  4. comonURZZZ

    comonURZZZ New Member

    I have just had this message from HTC support:

    There is no fault with the dialer on the phone. The application runs when you do anything to do with the contact list, so this can include texting and 3rd party applications. We understand you feel this is incorrect but HTC have tested this error and this has been the result. Below I have included some battery tips and memory saving tips. Battery saving tips:
    - Turn off auto sync and background data:- settings - accounts and sync- untick both background data and auto sync
    - Please turn off wifi, GPS and bluetooth when not in use
    - Turn down the brightness: - settings - Display - turn off auto brightness - set to around 35% -
    - Remove all live wallpapers
    - Please try download a task killer application from the market, so stop programs running in the background

    GREAT - so I get something that is about as useable as a 1992 NOKIA!!!

    Well done HTC!

    *** MY FIX ***

    It seems that the dialer gets stuck in a loop. So my fix for this is to power cycle the phone each time I finish calling! Not perfect, but at least it stops the battery melting.

  5. akkirods

    akkirods New Member

    LoL I better buy a nokia 3310 :p

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