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Dialer ClosingSupport

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  1. imapcgirl

    imapcgirl New Member

    Was hoping someone can help me in this forum.
    The Phone dialer on my captivate closes.
    its running on firmware 2.3.3
    and i use the golauncher for the home screen
    if i tap on the phone icon and go to the phone log screen to call someone, it will close i don't get an error message or a pop message saying such and such has stopped working. it just closes. if i go into contacts and start scrolling it will close. if i go into the dialer, once i start entering in the phone number to call, it will close. it doesn't happen all the time and it will usually work after i reboot the phone, but the problem still persists.
    can someone help me?

  2. taurik

    taurik New Member

    I am also encountering this problem. It usually happens immediately after I reboot the phone. I'll enter the phone dialer screen, start entering the number, and it will close. No error message, just return to the home screen. I am using Launcher Pro for my home screen, and I'm running firmware version 2.3.5, and Gingerbread OS.

    In addition, when it finally lets me finish entering the number, and I press the dial button, it returns to the home screen without dialing. I'll do this several times. On about the third time, it will finally dial. However, when I end the call, it will continue to dial again multiple times, as if the other dials were buffered somewhere.

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