Dialer/Contacts/SMS etc widget?

  1. Jsh1284

    Jsh1284 New Member

    Well, I just updated my Moment to 2.1 and I am really excited about the new possibilities! This phone really shines now! Honestly I was unhappy with the lack of support for Google Maps etc on 1.5 but now this thing is great!

    With that said .. I was wondering something. I've seen the default dialer/contacts/SMS etc widget that comes with some other android phones (at the bottom of the screen .. all in one) and I really want something LIKE this. Not sure where to look though! I've done some searches but I can't locate what I'm looking for. Odds are, my phone is simply not compatible and/or there is nothing on the actual market like this. HOWEVER I was hoping you guys could steer me in the right direction if there IS something out there!


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