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Dialer crashes despite Factory ResetSupport

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  1. AdrianM

    AdrianM Member

    I can't believe we've effectively got a brick after less than one week of getting a ChaCha :eek:

    It's stock factory, kept simple as possible for Granny to use. Then last night system update 2.3.5 was offered so we took it OTA. Everything seemed to go OK and got back to the desktop - but now doing anything that runs the dialer (pressing green button, or keypad or running the phone app) causes the error message:
    So it's no longer usable as a phone. Googling this error message shows it's a wide-spectrum error that crops up on numerous platforms (not just HTC). However, while it seems to be associated with upgrading to 2.3.5 it also implicates trouble with certain entries in the contacts database. None of the wisdom people were trading was really any use to us though.

    I just decide to clear the flash card and do a factory reset thinking that should at least get us back to a working phone as it came out of the box. Amazingly it didn't. The dialer crash persists. How the heck can such "innocent" use of a brand new phone get the user in such a mess? It took ages to talk Granny into having a "Smartphone". Now she knows that she knows best :(

  2. EManU3LXX

    EManU3LXX Well-Known Member

    You might want to try GrooveIP, not as good, but it works, another thing would be to download a custom or stock rom for the HTC aria, and DELETE the phone apps, and reinstall them from the new rom, Happened to my Droid, and this seemed to fix it, ill try and find out some more options but this should work for you.
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  3. AdrianM

    AdrianM Member

    Well thanks, but that sounds like too much tinkering with a one week old phone. I don't want to risk screwing it up so much that it can't be returned to Carphone warehouse. I hoped there might be something tweakable in the UI that I'd missed.

    Still can't beleive that a new phone that's not been hacked in the slightest way could fall over so severely. I wish I could understand what caused it before I decide whether to get it replaced or go for a different phone. If HTC can bomb a stock phone with an OTA, what's to say it won't just happen again?
  4. manoliepos

    manoliepos New Member

    Hi Adrian, I have the same problem after that update. My phone also was 2 week old. I am very upset by that. Thinking of getting it to warranty service (don't know wether it helps). I have installed GoDialer and GoContacts and using them right now. But still that does not solve the problem...
  5. AdrianM

    AdrianM Member

    I'd be insisting on an immediate replacement from the vendor rather than warranty repair. But what the heck is going on here anyway?

    if your ChaCha dialer broke just like mine did after 2.3.5 OTA then what's to stop it happening to everyone, and to our phones again right after they've been "fixed"?

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