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  1. sifuhall

    sifuhall Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 18, 2010
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    I frequently host conference calls while I'm on the road and I wanted to have some of my frequently used conference numbers auto-dial.

    I found the pause key, and that allows me to enter the phone number, pause, then enter the conference code, but I'm unable to enter the ending # key as that always sends me to Google Voice.

    For example, in my contact phone number I enter 888-889-xxxx,12345

    That works partially, the correct number is dialed and the pause (,) works great, then the conference code is entered but I need to press # and I am joined to the correct conference call.

    If I try to program the # sound at the end I am connected to Google Voice?

    For example, if my contact phone number is 888-889-xxxx,12345#
    Or, if the contact number is 888-889-xxxx,12345#,

    I get connected to Google Voice.

    How can I get the last # to dial without sending me to Google Voice?


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