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  1. MinkaMuffin

    MinkaMuffin Member

    Now, im not talking about entries that I have made (adding curse words, nicknames for my boyfriend, etc). Im talking about the entries that are auto-programmed into the phone.

    I have an Evo 4G and I have gotten to the point where I have turned off my dictionary and word correction because it honestly makes typing more difficult than easier. It changes 'or' into 'if' and 'ohh' into some random word that was a type of pirana, to turning correctly spelled words into misspelled ones...
    Is there Any way to make the built in dictionary Not ******ed?

  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    you can turn off auto correct, rather than turning it off completely. menu, settings, language and keyboard, click on your keyboard (mmine is listed as "multi touch keyboard" uncheck auto correct
  3. Traceamount

    Traceamount Well-Known Member

    I've never had mine do that in all the months Ive had it. "ohh" is not a word so it correcting/changing that is understandable. Curious what other "words" its changing on you from something correct into otherwise. Thanks
  4. MinkaMuffin

    MinkaMuffin Member

    I know 'ohh' isnt a word, but it tried to turn it into a word that was a type of piranha..
    And it tried to turn EWWWW into research.. :/
    I cant remember which words I was talking about at the time, but heres a list of words that it doesnt know at all..
    Alrighty, chinchilla, coyotes, cranberry, deletes, forewarning, grandpa's, headphone, hotspot (come on sprint!), lollipop, lotions, moo, nevermind, passcode, peacoat, pimple, queasy, raccoon, scuffed, shrew, splitter, taco, tadpole, texting, voicemails, wipers, won't
    I run Chrome and it knew all of them except 6. And there are so many more it doesnt know, including lol brb wtf, which would seem to be obvious for texting.. =/

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