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Did 3.33.401.53 break Messages?Support

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  1. minhnt

    minhnt New Member

    I cannot be certain but it seems to me that since I got the OTA update last week, incoming SMS text messages appear twice. They carry the same time stamp, but the duplicate says 'sent' (to the original sender of the message). This can't be right? I' am on the latest Android (available for the phone, that is): 4.0.3

  2. alek_73

    alek_73 Well-Known Member

    I don't see this issue. Are you using the default application for messages ?
  3. minhnt

    minhnt New Member

    I also noticed that for each message I get a 1-2 seconds long display in the notification area. The display is of 2-3, possibly 4 characters that appear to be Chinese. They quickly disappear. I'm tempted to do a factory reset.
  4. minhnt

    minhnt New Member

    I saw that all of this was also eating into my prepaid card, so I suspect a virus. I reset the phone to factory defaults and now the message problem has gone away.

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