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  1. Madzack

    Madzack Member

    Few weeks back, I went to a local Samsung store in Kuala Lumpur, Low Yat to be precise. I'm asking around pondering about whether to buy the 7+ while fiddling with their tablets. Then there's this chirpy retail assistant coming along, and we discuss about the tablets.

    And I brought up about 7+ and he says "We're not selling it any more; it's now obsolete"

    The balls of this dumbass. Really, it's now obsolete?

    But that raises my concern when I've checked almost every Samsung store in Kuala Lumpur. Some are still selling it, but most stores here aren't any more, right down to denying it. These are local Samsung resellers btw.

    What's going on? Has 7+ truly become obsolete?

    The only theory I can of, is that Samsung Malaysia here is shifting their focus on on the Tab 2 & the 7.7.

    Does anyone here have any ideas?

  2. vobguy

    vobguy Well-Known Member

    The store is feeding you BS, though the employee may believe it.

    It is not obsolete nor even obsolescent. They JUST released ICS for it within the last week or so, and still in process of that rollout.

    The specs are better than the Tab 2, and with ICS on it it will run circiles on the Tab 2, I am willing to bet.

    But, Tab 2 is cheap, and the 7.7 has a bit better screen than the Tab+, so with stores only having so much inventory, it may make sense to them that the 7+ is "odd tab out".
  3. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    Not obsolete, but by all indications, (will be) discontinued. Here in Canada, it came out in about April. A few months later, the Tab 2 (cheaper, the lure of ICS but lesser specs) was announced and the 7+ was discounted and put on clearance. You would be hard pressed to find one in any store.
  4. Madzack

    Madzack Member

  5. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Yup, I agree with this. Not obsolete but probably being phased out. I believe they are still selling 3g models of the tab plus so I think it's going to take a while longer until the tab plus goes away.

    I took advantage of it being discontinued and found a brand new 32gb on sale for $199.99 at my local tech store. I love this tablet especially after installing ICS.
  6. MrMojo

    MrMojo Member

    The GT7Plus is outdated but not obsolete and it's hard to find (new) due to the GT2 7 model.

    The GT2 7 has replaced it while the 7.7 is the "upgraded" version.

    The GT7Plus has better specs than the newer GT2 7 and is expected to behave much better When ICS is released, whenever Samsung feels like it, though ICS is available in some parts of Europe already, while the rest of us are still waiting for it!

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