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Did an OTA update, now no data transfer??Support (Browse All)

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  1. street954

    street954 Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 16, 2010
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    Problem fixed itself after a few reboots!

    So i received an OTA update notification on sunday morning, and ended up installing the update later that night.

    When i first started the phone after the update (and charging all night) the first thing i noticed was that there was no "battery full, please disconnect" window on unlocking it, instead the battery bar had a 100% inside of it

    the next thing i noticed was that to the left of the signal strength bars, there was no longer an indication of what band the cell phone was connected to, 3G, edge ect ...

    i thought it was a little weird, as i always take note of which i am using (3G vs E in specific areas).

    Since the update i have not tried to use the data connection outside a wireless network. When i tried to load pandora and msn.com this morning, i got nothing with full signal.

    Anyone else do this OTA update??

    heres some of the phone info

    firmware : 2.1 update1

    kernel 2.6.29

    Build #

    *** the phone has been rooted and i have installed the "lag fix" ***


    Thanks for any help guys/gals, it is much appreciated!!!


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