did android copy apple?

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    We know the patent system is screwed, the lawyers know the patent system is screwed, so do those that start the suits. There is no suit so outrageous that some judge in a lower court just might find for the plaintiff. For the plaintiff, it's a gamble that might pay off - or things get held in abeyance while suit is going on which gives the plaintiff time to try another tack.

    As for the lawyers - why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs?
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    The fail is strong in this one.

    Interesting that he finally came out and said that it's time that they built phones.

    Nokia must be thrilled. Watch for the Microsoft buy out there, something that I predicted when they got their Microsoft quisling, Elop, in to gut the company and run it into the ground.
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    What I am seeing are articles contrasting Apple's old guard . . . Jobs, with the new leader, Cook. Seems there are many people glad Jobs is gone. Not dead, just gone. He was a tough guy to work with and some say quite unreasonable.

    I read an article about how Jobs demanded Corning bring Gorilla glass out of the darkness and how he demanded Corning make so many tens of thousands of square feet of the stuff.

    Now, Corning has a new profit center, even though the glass goes to China for final chemical processing to make it strong.

    fortune did an article about Cook and his willingness to sit with employees in the Apple lunch room and shoot the you know what. Cook meets with big stock holders and Jobs did not.

    I am wondering just how much of the Jobs mystique is true. My guess--as a person that did not read the book--is many Jobs stories will show up. I only hope they are fair. At the end of the day, whatever Jobs did, he did well.
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    Here's an interesting article about Nokia. It's a shame.

    The story of Nokia's Maemo and MeeGo

    I liked my C6. I liked the organization of Symbian, and there were instructions on how to root it. If you think Android is fragmented, Symbian was worse. You would have to search through a list of flavors to find what flavor of Symbian you had to install an app.
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    Much more than a grain. I've several posts hereabouts citing and linking to specific documents on these cases. If you're not familiar, Groklaw's pj has been providing easy access to court documents, often with detailed analyses, for quite a while. I'd have to guess that's been on my regular reading list for around a dozen years. If you want a head start on news of legal shenanigans involving tech cases, pj is the one to read.

    How would Nokia have fared had they kept their r&d staff and stayed the course with their own smartphone os? We'll never know now, but I feel that we consumers lost a valuable competitor.

    I read an article the other day that said that at this point Google and Apple are spending more on legal fees than software r&d. I don't know where they got their numbers, so I don't know if the claim is true, but it's sad if it is.
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    I only added that about a grain of truth as I have been reading articles about any writer's shading/slanting of information. If the actual documents are posted rather than referred to then it's up to the reader of the original document to make up their own mind. I read stuff from Groklaw - but there are probably those individuals who think any publication that doesn't agree with a preconceived notion is a shill for the other side.
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    very very very interesting reading...

    if a retrial... I sure hope the courts make the loser (apple) pay for all legal fees and cost for the original and 2nd trail.

    I sure hope it is a huge amount .. so that big pocket companies (apple) think twice before suing for stupid stuff.
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    While it would be nice a retrial would not technically be the fault of Apple, Judge Koh allowed questionable happenings.

    You really can't blame Apple lawyers for trying questionable practices the same as a pitcher who is getting calls off the plate will throw a bit farther outside.
  15. dan330

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    Apple started this circus.. By suing for crap patents.. And they know it is crap.

    Lawyers will do what a paying client will pay for.

    So if apple type clients don't get hit with some kind of big kick in the ass... Then others will roll the dice.. Wasting other people's time and money
  16. zuben el genub

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    I felt that this whole trial was a farce from day one. There are too many precedents about how things look for that to be anything but a nuisance, red herring or trial run type case.

    Look at cars, appliances, other electronics. If one maker decides a fridge with rounded corners sells, and it does, then everyone makes a fridge with rounded corners.

    You can only do so much to a hand-held before it isn't. There's a certain size limit. I've overheard a lot of questions to people that had Iphones, and no one EVER mentioned the case. Most seem to hide the case with some kind of protector anyway.
    How many form factors can you have, anyway? Motorola tried a square format, I haven't seen the Charm for a while so I guess it was a bust. A triangle? Circle?
    Can't imagine those very comfortable to hold.

    Now had Apple started a suit over their "Retina" or something like that, the case would have had some merit.

    Apple has lured one of Samsung's chip designers - now we might have a legitimate type suit. I'd rather not see one.
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    Ok, let's skip the legalities of it all.
    Apple came out with it in a big way, but Android perfected it.
    Did they copy it; of course they did. Does it really matter to most folks; not much. I was concerned myself as I was contemplating buying a S3 after the verdict, but after a week or two, I have totally forgot and care even less.
    Yes, Sammy got caught with his hands in the cookie jar, I'm just being real about it.
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    This is how technology works. Anyone that was alive 25+ years ago could have walked into any Kmart and seen prolly 30 different clock-radios on the shelf (yes at one time they were high tech).

    I am pretty sure that someone somewhere had a patent on clock-radios but companies took the idea and made it their own without being sued out of business.

    Would anyone really complain that one clock-radio 'copied' another back in the day? No, or there would have only been one brand on the shelf.

    There is no doubt that Android/Samsung varied enough from iOS/Apple to be in the catagory of clock-radios.
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  20. Speed Daemon

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    Sorry to say that's not right either. The notmePhone isn't based on UNIX
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    Wait, where's Microsoft in all of this? it was not long ago that people favored Apple (or Linux, despite how less-user-friendly it was in the early 1990s) because Microsoft hated any competition. their mantra was 'sue sue sue!'. their software closed up tight as a drum. now Apple's getting the flames, and it's always Apple Vs. Android, but NEVER does Windows Phone ever enter the debate, much less RIM/BlackBerry. what gives?
  22. kevincott

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    If M$ ever irons out the impending Win8 fiasco they may be a major player in the Mobile wars, peeps love a common interface. M$ phones are quite different from Apple, but I also read more than once that both M$ and Apple want to kill Android/Google more than each other.

    RiM is an interesting case in that they are the SationWagon of the Mobile world. At one time they 'owned' the smart phone market but didn't really give the customer he wanted. Enter Android/Apple and we became the MiniVans of mobile, exactly what the public wanted.
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  24. zuben el genub

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    We're in for another bout:
    Rumor: Apple planning cloud-based iWork suite for iPad to fight MS Office

    WordPerfect couldn't do it - Open and Libre Office haven't done much. There are far more Windows PCs than Apple - Some work can be done on Ipad - but what about companies who won't use Apple's/MS/Android cloud? So somewhere all this info is going to have to go somewhere. Some can afford storing their own data, some may feel that the usual services aren't secure enough, plenty of reasons.

    It probably will happen eventually, but in a way we don't expect.
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    I missed this line before, I swear it wasn't me!!!:D;)

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