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Did anyone put a memory card in thier Atrix?Accessories

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  1. Frankster

    Frankster Active Member

    Did anyone put a memory card in thier Atrix ? If so how big is it and do you have to do anything else to the phone or does the phone set it up for you? I've had the Iphone for so long and the memory was already in it. I ordered 32 gb and was just wandering if I had to do anything else but put it in the phone. I heard of mounted and unmounted But I just want to put videos and music on it....Thanks

  2. LinuxBob

    LinuxBob Active Member

    I've got a 32GB MicroSD in my Atrix. It works great. You don't have to do anything to it. Just plug it in and Android will mount it automatically.

    One heads up, though. The internal 16GB comes up as sdcard in the Atrix. Your external card will be mounted as sdcard-ext. A lot of programs don't look for an sdcard-ext and will default saving stuff to the internal "card". You may have to navigate to /mnt/sdcard-ext to set it in particular programs.
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  3. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    I have a 16GB SD Card that I transferred from my Backflip to my Atrix. I had no problem once it was placed in the phone. Everything that I saved on it, the Atrix can access.
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  4. ultradroid

    ultradroid So many android phones... VIP Member

    I picked up an 8 GB memory card at the time I got the Atrix. It installed fine and the phone has no problems recognizing or using it. That is a purely temporary "fix" though, as I plan on getting a 32 GB card, as soon as I have the extra money.

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  5. azazel

    azazel Well-Known Member

    Just slapped a 32gb micro I bought from a store in Japan called Yamada Denki. It ws about 12,000 yen. It's a Sandisk and its working perfect so far. 29.17 GB's available after I formatted it.
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  6. HankAtrix

    HankAtrix Well-Known Member

    Hello - I installed a Lexar 32BG class 10 card and it works great
  7. HankAtrix

    HankAtrix Well-Known Member

    One note though - as was previously pointed out in this thread - you can't load apps on the external SD card. But you can load photos, movies, etc.

    Good luck!
  8. Caldazar

    Caldazar Member

    doesn't the "move to media area" do that for you?
  9. HankAtrix

    HankAtrix Well-Known Member

    On most phones that would be true. But on the Atrix, the media area is the internal SD (the 16gb that comes with the phone).

    I hope this helps!
  10. AtrixMan

    AtrixMan Member

    Hi I put a 32gb card in my phone (the cheapest I could find) I've tried to load mpg4 files on to it, after about 13 files the rest of the files are unreadable. I've tried reformatting the card loading different mpg4 files and got the same result. The first 13 files work fine.
  11. kilasix9

    kilasix9 Well-Known Member

    8GB in mines. Just plugged it in and works fine. I should be good with 24GB.
  12. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    I have a measly 4GB XD lol. I'm waiting for the 16GB or 32GB to get a bit cheaper.
  13. HankAtrix

    HankAtrix Well-Known Member

    Hi Roze-

    The one I bought is fast and large (lexar 32GB class 10). It cost well under $100.

    I hope this helps
  14. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Too expensive, lol. I am still waiting for the price to go down a bit more, lol.

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