Did anyone try UOT Kitchen ?

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  1. atulalvenkar

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  2. atulalvenkar

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    framework-res.apk can be found in /system/framework folder.

    I am in no way responsible if you brick your phone while doing this.

    Download update.zip from here and copy it to the root of your sdcard. Once done power off your phone and boot in recovery mode by pressing HOME+POWER buttons.

    Once in recovery mode select second option using volume up/down button press home button to run it.

    apply sdcard : update.zip .

    Once finished select clear cache and then reboot your device. You should have new icons in taskbar.

    I wasn't able to find good low res images for battery so have kept it as stock.


    Note : I have not created any of the images used in this update. I got all images from various themes in UOT kitchen.

    IMPORTANT : Please do not try to create your own theme in UOT Kitchen and apply as you might soft brick your phone. I will post detailed steps to create your own theme when i find time.

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  3. hi, can u upload more of this plz
  4. atulalvenkar

    atulalvenkar Active Member

    The problem is Galaxy pop/mini is a device having low resolution. It's very difficult to find images with resolution that will show properly on our phone.

    I am currently working on another theme. lets hope for the best.
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  5. kkq29

    kkq29 New Member

    yeah , could you change the color of statusbar maybe?
  6. I forgot to backup my framework-res, can u upload your framework-res plz
  7. atulalvenkar

    atulalvenkar Active Member

    Hi Guys ,

    This is the newest theme i've created .. Still trying to perfect it though . Not able to make clock colour black.

    Finally made the status bar white.


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  8. kalikool123

    kalikool123 Well-Known Member

    This one didnt work on ma gingerbread, phone stuck with the looping boot animation.
    Lost all the installed apps, games, messeges, contacts and all.
    I had to flash my phone again.
    Please be more careful in building these themes next time ;-(
  9. Netas3k

    Netas3k Well-Known Member

    Yeah... You did know that this is not atulalvenkar's fault. These themes are build for Froyo not Gingerbread. That's why i have backups :)
  10. kalikool123

    kalikool123 Well-Known Member

    where is that mentioned????
  11. Netas3k

    Netas3k Well-Known Member

    Yeah. That's not mentioned but the looks and how old is this thread i knew that these themes are for froyo :)
  12. edenscully

    edenscully New Member

    Tutorial please! :)
  13. griffin2

    griffin2 Active Member

    where is zip file?

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