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  1. dmoss74

    dmoss74 Well-Known Member

    i got a player 5, but am really wondering if i got a dud. wifi is spotty at best (on my home wifi that has no problems whatsoever with the dozens of other devices that access it). and from what i can tell, the compass/gps are completely wacked out.

    it would be nice if this device would stay connected long enough for me to download the maps from sygic, but when using gps essentials, the readings are sporadic, and the compass dances like a whirling dervish.

    anyone else have these problems? problem for me is that i bought it used. i believe i have a paperweight at this time.

  2. brosko

    brosko Well-Known Member

    Ya maybe you should exchange it for another. My gp 5.0 is great! No problems at all. So are my two sons 4.0's and the wifes 4.0
  3. dmoss74

    dmoss74 Well-Known Member

    well, i'm seeing all kinds of stuff online about this problem, as well as the gps not working correctly. bummer, i got it used. i can't return or exchange it. and if they all have this problem, an exchange wouldn't help anyway.

  4. Sideman

    Sideman Well-Known Member

    It's definitely not a common problem. But there could have been a batch of bad ones, and that could be why yours was for sale. All the ones I personally know of, work fine.

    Quality control just isn't what it used to be, though.
  5. dmoss74

    dmoss74 Well-Known Member

    Compass App That Works? - Samsung Galaxy Player Series - abi>>forums

    this thread deals with the same issue, but i have yet to find one that has a solution. oh well.
  6. brosko

    brosko Well-Known Member

    My compass app does not work good either, but I thought it was because the 5 does not have a certain sensor needed for a compass
  7. nuismer

    nuismer Active Member

    I don't know about the compass, but my GPS works great using "CoPilot". I use it all the time for 500 mile trips between Florida and Alabama and have not had a failure or drop out yet. SGP 5.0
  8. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    The GP5 does not have a gyroscope, so compass apps are likely not too work to well. GPS is fine. Wifi is finnicky about where it is located relative to the router on mine, but it does fine most of the time. A free app called Sensor Kinetics will tell you what sensors you have.
  9. byronbfd

    byronbfd Member

    Mine also has very spotty wifi I cannot even watch a music video its on and off about every minute or two and I could not return or exchange because toys r us was being very bad about it I tried forever but they wouldnt let me is there anyway to get a factory exchange maybe.
  10. byronbfd

    byronbfd Member

  11. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    When I got my GP5 I immediately factory reset it before installing any apps on it. Mine worked great except for not being able to connect to any BT KBs. All other BT devices connected just fine.

    Have you reset yours yet?
  12. byronbfd

    byronbfd Member

    I installed cm9 after rooting and it works perfect now.

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