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Did I Ruin My Android?

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  1. Talelorm

    Talelorm Member

    ok here goes.
    I have an LG L45c (LG Optimus Net)

    i deleted a system app (homescreen tips) that i thought was stupid but i made a backup with titanium.

    i was running low on internal storage so i did a factory reset without restoring the app.
    Everything works out great except one thing, titanium backup is now saying it doesnt support my device and i seem to keep get my ota from factory reset though im not sure. because i used to have to go through ota every time i factory reset.
    the app sounds like protips.apk from some search but im unsure.
    i tried installing protips.apk from a 4shared link but came up 'application not installed'
    i can successfully root or unroot my phone at anytime

    what can i do?

  2. Talelorm

    Talelorm Member

    ok ive managed to get an older version of titanium backup and the backup of homescreen tips.
    However it hangs trying to back it up and we all know its a small file.
    any help?
    titanium backup still incompatible with my device
  3. akashash5

    akashash5 Well-Known Member

    Its ok to remove protips it was pretty stupid .The problem with titanium backup isnt related.Seems like the new titanium backup has a problem(shows incompatible for me too.)

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