Did I toast my phone with the 2.1 update?Support

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  1. gwynwas

    gwynwas New Member

    I'm trying to update my a50 with the system update from the Garmin site, but I'm a bit worried it's frozen while updating. Seems to be stuck on load screen with green progress bar that isn't moving. Been that way for 2-3 hours now. Anyone know if it's supposed to take that long? Guess we'll see . . .

  2. gwynwas

    gwynwas New Member

    Whew! Finally got it upgraded okay.

    It was indeed frozen. Had to pull the battery and restart. The update process started all over and loaded fine.

    The 2.1 interface is great. Love it so far. :)
  3. Medicine Man

    Medicine Man Member

    I have also noticed improved battery life, quicker satellite signal accquisition, and quicker response from the accelerometer (even though the ARM processor is only rated at 600 MHz).

    These are great phones, and the built-in Garmin GPS receiver works like a charm.

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