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Did not receive Android 2.2 update tet (Browse All)

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  1. patricksemaan

    patricksemaan New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 7, 2010
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    Hello, I have purchased a Nexus One a month ago in KUWAIT and I noticed that I cannot view flash and cannot even find the Flash Player in the Android Market or from Adobe website (it says the player is not available for my device and I can download it from the Market). But its not there.

    In my settings, under MODEL NUMBER it usually should say ANDROID VERSION, in mine it says FIRMWARE VERSION and it's 2.1

    I waited for a while to get the over the air update but I never got it, so I decided to try and install manually from here:

    Everything went as the tutorial states and I did reboot about 5 times so far but it still have not updated, it still shows as 2.1

    So will I ever get the update or will I not because I am in Kuwait and not in the US?

    Can anyone help please, it sucks that I have no Flash Player on the phone :( or even the new features of Android 2.2

    Thanks in advance!


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