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Did the last update fix the DC issues?General

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  1. ekym

    ekym New Member

    I keep reading about the update, but All I'm hearing is that the update did not work to fix the DC problem with the admiral. Can anyone confirm if the last update helped or fixed it, or did not?

  2. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

    I can confirm it did. But if you are trying to DC with Iden phones from your Admiral make sure your iden phones have no block on direct connect like national direct connect blocking. If you talk to a Sprint Rep the code is SOC 300 that needs to be removed
  3. WizzeeB

    WizzeeB New Member

    I have this cell phone. I just canceled my service because the data is always down and Direct Connect service does not stay consistently connected to the tower in my zipcode 12550. Motoblur didn't bother me, the apps worked good and the functionality of the phone wasn't an issue either. Just the first two things I listed!!! Well it was a nice run for me with Motorola. I liked their phones because they were reliable and durable. Well that run is finally over. I am going with a Samsung or HTC again. They are good phones and customizable too. Good luck to all of you who are having a harrowing time with this phone!!!

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