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  1. narayanan9190

    narayanan9190 Well-Known Member

    both the new hot entries of the market...htc one x and sony xperia s do not have the option to extend the memory...!! how uncool is that ! while we have an internal of 7 plus external of upto 64 :D

  2. pm1066

    pm1066 Well-Known Member

    The HTC is the worst of both worlds--fixed battery and fixed memory!!
  3. AVSkillet

    AVSkillet Well-Known Member

    What!!?? What do they think we want... Iphones?! ;)
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  4. pm1066

    pm1066 Well-Known Member

    This was a major argument point between the Razr and SGN crowd before both phones came out. Some folks swore no fixed memory, some would die rather than suffer a fixed battery. Considering HTC needs a hit, this was an "interesting" choice.

    FWIW, I think the fixed battery argument won out. Everybody was talking about 4G cloud storage and all that BS making sd cards obsolete until we all saw how brutal this gen of 4G really is on battery life. Having stuff on card versus burning up the airwaves is a lot smarter choice.

    It may change, once the radios get better. But for now, counting on the cloud is a bad battery idea.
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  5. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    I haven't even noticed the missing SD since being on my G Nex.
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  6. seVer

    seVer Well-Known Member

    I would prefer the removable memory, but the biggest benefit is the swapping between devices. big deal since I have g+ setup and my pics auto sync, plus motocast auto syncs to my pc. best of both worlds.
  7. narayanan9190

    narayanan9190 Well-Known Member

    Fixed memory is a serious negative according to me...i dont see how it can help and ..lol avsskillet ;);)
  8. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    to each their own.
  9. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    I can see how it will help Samsung's and HTC's profit margin.
  10. narayanan9190

    narayanan9190 Well-Known Member

    True that and samsung is filty rich now...think about it...it makes processor chip and display for half the mobile manufacturers...it makes display for half the brands of laptops...its like the silent spectator..but has its root deep in everything ...
  11. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    as trophy stated, i dont see the difference in the missing sdcard, after a while you just get used to it, and you learn to back up its contents every now and then
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  12. Adauth

    Adauth Well-Known Member

    That was one of the tipping points that pushed me toward the razr. No expandable memory is a big con for me. Especially now that it's been confirmed the razr can take a 64gb sd card. So with the 16 preinstalled we are talking 80gb of onboard storage. :D
  13. Crimson13

    Crimson13 Well-Known Member

    See, unless I can go through all the contents between charges, I don't need that kind of storage capacity in my smartphone.

    I have yet to put an sd card in any of my Android phones, and I sure as hell didn't have one in my iPhones
  14. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    While I agree that the typical user isn't particularly effect by that (most people don't keep anything on their phone except a few apps). But fixed memory is a definitely a step in the wrong direction, and a completely unnecessary one too. There is no good reason why you can't have an sd card slot except that it would cost the OEM more money per phone, and they'd have less opportunity to price gouge you for higher capacity versions, following the Apple model. Going from a 32GB iPad from a 16GB one costs $100, with another $100 to go to 64GB. A 32GB microsd card goes for just over $20, and a 64GB for about $100.

    No offense, but alot of this talk how the non-removeable storage card "really isn't as bad as you'd think" sounds just like the Apple Apologists rhetoric. That's up there with "What death grip? Nobody holds the phone while making calls anymore."
  15. pm1066

    pm1066 Well-Known Member

    Kind of like how blind people compensate with other senses.

    Since my phone is my music library, the more memory the better. But to each their own, my needs are pretty specific to me (lots of airline travel makes cloud storage useless).
  16. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    lol trust me i know very well about some airline travel. I'm more than a third of the way to my million miler status with Delta. However i have an ipod that i put all of my music on :)
  17. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    This is true however as users we only have 3 choices: buy the phone, don't buy it, go to another carrier, while the use of an sfcard is what everyone really complains about, say you get a 32gb class 4 its nice it runs great, but you need more storage, I don't see why, but its possible, so you purchase a 64gb sd card, and knowing that a lot of us want to save money, so we go the cheapest route, which you would then want to format the thing once you got home(I hope you do) and then you load it, but how much of 64gb do you really need?

    I understand people don't want fixed memory, but unfortunately that is no longer the case in these situations, we just have to accept it for what they are doing and for what purpose they mean for it to be
  18. pm1066

    pm1066 Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest looking at it a more practical way. I currently have a 32GB card. I have 38gbs of music I want to carry with me (and have no desire to carry a phone AND an iPod--Batman's utility belt look its not for me). What size card do I need?

    While there may be unused capacity on the sd card, I'd obviously rather be in that situation than figuring which 500 songs to leave on my PC. I also carry photos and mobile formatted videos, so I can eat up a lot of space left over.

    Going one step further, I have limited time to play around with this thing. So, when I'm between trips and loading up movies, I usually try to load up several movies at a time. Like the iPod, I'm not going to carry a second laptop just to watch movies (can't use my work laptop). At 0.7-1.5GB a pop, you eat up a memory card pretty fast. I will NOT be stuck on a plane with only the in flight "Twilight saga" movie dreck to watch!!

    And as much as I love Moto cast, it doesn't work well with transferring those larger files, which still take a lot of time over wifi or 4g.

    So, to answer your question, the first byte more than a 32GB card can hold is when I need a 64 GB card.
  19. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    there will always be the case where people need the space, im not saying thats not possible, but really 38 gigs of music? you cant even listen to all that in a day...

    im not saying your wrong im just saying your space is eaten up by so much unused items. i am lucky i am not on a plane hardly ever so i can listen top music whenever i want, and your right .700-1.5gb can fill up quick (movie wise) but if say you have used 8 gigs of space from your apps, and space(even taking into count if your rooted with backups)
    so your left with roughly 22 gigs of space(i never seen full 32 gig on a 32 sd card unless its completely formatted from get go)even if you have lets say 1000 songs (roughly 4gigs, song size depending) thats still a good amount of music that im not so sure you can listen to in a busy work day. and now you have about 18 gigs left for movies
    so you can have roughly 7-9 movies on your sd card if they are all 1.5gig.

    now your sd card is full. so i dont see the real need for much more space. but some people like to have more than what they got at hand whenever they need it
  20. jroc

    jroc Well-Known Member

    Having a non removable battery...I was able to deal with that alot better than non removable storage. IF there is enough storage on the phone...it might not matter. One thing I didnt like....was how on the G Nex you need to make sure ....everything.... pics, music... was backed before unlocking the bootloader, and probably for switching ROMs. Dont know if thats still the same, but I didnt like it after I had already took pics and put music on my phone.

    I dont remember having to do that on my Droid 1 and Droid X1.

    In either case if one is faulty...the whole phone needs to be replaced. I think there is a chance for more faulty batteries that storage. It just depends what you can live with the most. I hope I dont have to choose if a phone I really like has both..
  21. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    i prefer removable battery than an sdcard, and your right internal sdcards, if it goes bad, whole phone needs to be replaced.

    and yes on the GNex Unlocking and Locking of the bootloader, you want to back up your sdcard contents, switching roms, no, your ok with that
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