Did you get a "Proof of purchase" with your N1?

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  1. my05

    my05 Active Member


    I currently have a service errand with HTC (power button stopped working completely). I contacted them in my country and after clearance sent it of to the UK for service.

    A while later, i get a letter from htc/uk claiming that they don't honour the warranty since the "phone have problems not covered by warranty". They give me 3 options:

    1) 94 UKP (for plastic refurb (??), shipping, diagnostics, etc)
    2) 24 UKP (shipping, diagnostics and they send it back untouched)
    3) They destroy the phone on site.

    I contact them and reject these options. A while later, they come back claiming that the warranty is only 12 months (which is not true. I live in Sweden/EU and have a 24 month global warranty on it). After a while, they admit this to be the case also.

    Later on, they mail me and want to see a "proof of purchase". I don't have such a document. I bought the phone from Google directly when they released it. I sent HTC the phone in its original casing and supplied the google checkout (now: google wallet) copy of my purchase which states that i bought and paid for it + the transaction dates).

    When i googled this, i could not find anyone that had this "proof of purchase". My question to you guys is:

    Did anyone of you ever recieve such a document (with your name, adress, IMEI or serial number on it)?

    I had the phone repaired 6 months ago due to dust under the screen and they never asked for anything else besides the checkout information then.

    What gives? They effectively hold my phone "hostage" right now......

    and yes, it is still under warranty...



  2. Soupdragon

    Soupdragon Well-Known Member

    Hi Daniel,

    I've just had a look though the paperwork that arrived with my phone (Nexus direct from Google and shipped to the UK) and do have a document with "Google" (logo - but black and white as tho' it's a photocopy) as a header.

    I actually have 3 copies of the same doc, and a copy of a DHL doc "commercial invoice" (also have original DHL docs).
    These 4 docs are printed on paper 1cm shorter than A4.

    Back to the "Google" doc - it isn't the same as the wallet purchase info.

    It's divided into 3 sections, divided by horizontal lines; "Order", "Account", Item.
    It doesn't have the IMEI# on it but does show order, shipping dates, cost of phone, shipping address - I'd say it is likely to be the doc that Google supplied to DHL so that duty could be correctly applied.

    I don't, and don't think I ever did, have anything else sent by Google.

    My "proof of purchase" would have to be my checkout/wallet info.

    Hope this helps and best of luck getting HTC to see sense.
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  3. my05

    my05 Active Member

    Hi SoupDragon,

    thanks heaps for your reply :)

    yes, i can't recollect having such a document either (showing my adress AND imei at the same time). I searched the web (including Google support pages) and found that others have had problems with this also (i.e insurance companies in the UK demands this (non existent) document to be supplied to be able to insure it). Google themselves claim that they do not any longer keep this information in their internal systems (since it was a long time ago that they sold the phone on their website).

    What HTC tells me is this basically:

    "yes, we can see that you have bought and paid for a nexus one but we can't tell if THIS particular phone belongs to you".

    I had the bad luck to get this particular person to expedite my errand. I have called them every day now for a week to try to sort this out. They are very inconsistent in how they deal with these sorts of things.

    Well, it ain't over yet :)

    best regards

  4. my05

    my05 Active Member

    It continues,

    now they do not honour the warranty agreement as stated here (had to use the wayback machine since Google have removed it from their server):

    Warranty : Returns and warranty - Nexus One Help

    They say that the phone still only have a 12 months warranty (despite the agreement above stating otherwise) and that the 24 months only applies for Germany, UK and Italy (which it does not say in the agreement).

    Later today, i will discuss this with a person specialised in these question (legal).

    One thing is for sure, i will never, EVER again buy HTC, a company that takes no responsibility to fulfill their obligations.
  5. Soupdragon

    Soupdragon Well-Known Member

    It's very strange that they are acting in this way - does them no credit whatsoever.

    The page clearly states 24 months in the EU; it's impossible for any N1 to be older than 24 months and 6 days (it was released 5th Jan 2010) and you're in Sweden so IMO it should make no difference that you haven't any paperwork that shows IMEI.

    I was curious about the IMEI thing so searched and found, as you did, other people with the same issue and an official "google employee" response saying that paperwork with IMEI never existed.

    Very frustrating for you; I'd be interested to hear what your legal person advises.

  6. my05

    my05 Active Member


    earlier today, i talked to one of our legal people where i work (Insurance company) specialised on these issues (agreements, etc) and he said that it was chrystal clear that they did in fact NOT mention any exceptions to the 24 month warranty period. (he even told me to send them the document and underline the "European Union: the warranty coverage extends twenty-four (24) months from the date of original purchase." part.

    So i called HTC and told them this (i'm waiting for a call from one of the managers there now btw) and that they will cause a lot of bad-will from this.

    The next thing they told me made me gasp...

    According to HTC (their it-systems), my phone was purchased by an american citizen and not by myself (!!??). I guess that what this means is that a person at Google bought a batch of phones from HTC to be sold from the google webpage.

    I'm awaiting the call now so we will se how this ends.
  7. Hook

    Hook Ever since DU... ;-) VIP Member

    Very sorry to hear of your problems. This is harrowing. The only time I dealt with HTC service (from the US-- I may have been dealing with someone in Texas, but can't be sure) for the same problem, I luckily managed to dig their repair philosophy out of them. They told me they wouldn't just repair the power button but would inspect the whole device and anything they deemed requiring repair would have to be repaired and charged for. The only other choice was to pay for shipping and diagnostics and have it returned with no work done. This despite my Nexus One (in the US) being out of warranty already, so I was footing the entire bill.

    This information having already convinced me I wasn't going to send my Nexus One into their system, I mentioned that the bootloader was unlocked and I had an alternative ROM. Since it was out of warranty, I didn't think that should be an issue (tho I knew they would make it one-- I was just curious). They told me that if I sent it in, they would be required to replace and charge me for a new Mother Board. :rolleyes: Again, this is with the phone being out of warranty.

    Needless to say, I didn't send it in. That was about 8 months ago. So far I have gotten by using Cyanogen Mod 7, a free app for rooted phones only (Quickboot) and using a screen time-out toggle. I can get power button to work (many presses) on the rare occasion I pull the battery. If I ever can't, guess it will be time to upgrade.

    And you are right. I'm not planning on upgrading to an HTC device.

    My condolences on being caught in this ridiculous trap.
  8. my05

    my05 Active Member

    Hi Hook,

    your story sounds just as crazy as mine does. WTH do they need to check other parts of it it is out of warranty? (i guess their point of view is that a malfunction can be due to other parts failing? but still). And so what if the bootloader is unlocked. A hardware error is a hardware error (unless perhaps the flash has gone out, possibly due to flashlight apps).

    The end of my story was that the manager agreed with his staff that the phone was sold in the us (despite what Googles extended warranty stated). Talking to him was no different from talking to the others (did i say oiled pigs). I was fed up and decided to pay the #&&"(/(! the 24 UKP they wanted. When it gets back, i'll make the transplant myself (from my broken Desire where the power button does work)
  9. theartfullodger

    theartfullodger Well-Known Member

    It would be unwise of me to suggest HTC are trying every trick in the book to avoid delivering on their legal obligations so I won't do that as clearly it ain't the case, oh no!!!

    Hmmmnnn.. Similar prob but as it'll be in the courts I rather not elaborate yet..

    my05 if you wish to PM me please feel free...


  10. my05

    my05 Active Member

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