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Didn't get New 2.3.6 Update yet?Support

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  1. Yanka45

    Yanka45 New Member

    I've seen many people get th new Samsung Exhibit 2 4G update,but my phone didn't tell me about it yet...Hhmm is it because I have to have my phone past 50% to get notified,or Is it because I only use this phone on Wifi (cos i have a blackberry with bbm & data servicew) Do you have to have Data services in order to receive an upgrade notification? Or can I just get it fine on Wifi.


  2. ackliph

    ackliph Member

    I think the update is rolling out until mid-July. So you may have to wait until then for it to offer an update. I would assume you need to have T-Mobile service to get the update. Maybe or maybe not a data plan. I purchased my phone a couple months ago and I never saw an OTA update.

    If you're impatient like me. You can install the rooted ROM. It works very well. Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G - xda-developers

  3. Yanka45

    Yanka45 New Member

    I Do Have Tmobile what u mean mid july ? People have already gotton this Update (The regular way)
  4. ItalianHunk

    ItalianHunk Well-Known Member

    I think he/she meant that not everyone gets the update on the same day. People get them at different times up until mid July. So you should get yours by then.
  5. trickbiker121

    trickbiker121 Member

    Your not the only one who didn't get the update. I am still waiting for the update and I can't update through kies because it doesn't support 64 bit computers.
  6. logline

    logline Member

    No update here either. Still waiting...
  7. aap

    aap Active Member

    I updated with Kies on a 64-bit computer. Took a few tries, but I don't remember doing anything special.
  8. starflower7

    starflower7 Member

    I'm still waiting as well...not gonna even bother calling T-mobile again smh.
  9. steve2718

    steve2718 New Member

    I just learned from family mobile support that they will not provide the 2.3.6 update to my Ex II 4G. T-Moilble doesn't support me and Samsung has no info I could find.
    Are there any other family mobile Ex II 4G users that know if we will be able to get the update?
    My phone has a terrible bug in the text editing and it is almost impossible to use. Back spacing to delete a letter will often get the word repeated and randomly while typing in the 3rd or 4th sentance all the words before the one I am typing will get deleted. I was hoping that this update would fix it. That is not clear from the stuff I read.
    I see references to the updates being rolled out until July 15. Does that mean that it won't be available after July 15? This seems crazy.
  10. RobbyG2112

    RobbyG2112 Member

    I hadn't received the update either as of last week so I decided to go to load the Samsung Kies software on my pc and was able to get it that way. I don't remember what site I downloaded it from, but I just googled for it and see a version on Softpedia. I don't think it's the latest version, but after you install it you will be prompted to install the latest version if one is available. One thing to note is that the install requires .NET 4.0 so if you don't have it already installed it will take some time to download and install first.

    You also need the latest USB drivers for the phone, I think they are included in the Kies software but I installed them first separately just to make sure my phone would be recognized. Once you connect with Kies it should tell you there is an update available for your phone and ask if you want to install it.
  11. starflower7

    starflower7 Member

    Finally got the update! Um...it seems good so far. I think maybe typing is easier. I'll have to work with my phone more before I can really say if it was worth the hype.
  12. nwillitts

    nwillitts Member

    just got the update as well.
    seems quicker.
  13. killerbehr

    killerbehr Member

    Hey bro this is what you have to do, go to samsung.com/kies and download kies then go through the proccess of installing the software then plug your phone in and it will scan and show that theres an update for you then download run and vialia your done. If it doesnt pick up your phone then toggle debugging mode in settings>application>development> USB Debugging. You should be good after that. Thumbs up:)
  14. starflower7

    starflower7 Member

    Typing on message boards is definitely easier. Also the screen responds in any position now. Before if it was flat it would not recognize scrolling gestures.
  15. logline

    logline Member

    Just got my update yesterday... doesn't seem to change much to be honest. Maybe a teeny bit quicker, but it was never slow to begin with.
  16. drewollie17

    drewollie17 New Member

    To the people that updated to 2.3.6...

    Was your phone rooted before updating? Anyone know if we could root after updating to 2.3.6?

  17. ackliph

    ackliph Member

    You can't root 2.3.6 you'll have to install cwm then flash the rooted rom. Which is possible from either version. You'll just lose all of your data.

    This is my understanding at least.
  18. PatrickD88

    PatrickD88 Well-Known Member

    So, I just got this phone and it's on 2.3.5. Is there an update? The phone says no firmware.

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