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  1. orangekun

    orangekun New Member

    me and my classmate have the same phones, Samsung Galaxy Ace, when both of us start our phones, we spotted the difference. mines with a letter i in the end while hers with no letter i. can you tell me the difference between that

  2. insekticide

    insekticide Well-Known Member

    Here, I found out that there is a different processor in the GT-S5830i. This changes a few things. I wrote down the ones that differ:

    Talktime (2G) up to 19 h. (The old ACE 10,6 h. )
    Talktime (3G) up to 7 h.( The old ACE 6,5 h. )
    Stand-by (2G) up to 964 h.( The old ACE 640 h. )
    Stand-by (3G) up to 675 h.( The old ACE 540 h. )
    112 g ( The old ACE, 113g )
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  3. SashiX

    SashiX Well-Known Member

    AFAIK, talk and standby time should be the same, dimensions and weight should be the same also. BT and CPU speed are the only things that differs. Some, though, reported that on 5830i with Ginger, video is still recorded @320x240 and not @640x480 (like on 5830 with Ginger).

    PS: those talk and standby times could be based on diff Android versions (5830 with Froyo vs. 5830i with Ginger).
  4. insekticide

    insekticide Well-Known Member

    Don't kill the messenger :stupido2:
  5. rmivuxgc

    rmivuxgc Member

    i in 5830i indicates lil bit improved version of base model. That d general rule of mob world.
    Btw thanks to ayush29k for rectifying me :)
  6. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    Wrong, S5830 has a proximity sensor, each and every touch phone has a proximity sensor, without it, whenever you put your phone on your ears your face will touch the screen and press some button, might even end the call.

    The basic difference between these two phone is that the S5830i has a different chipset, its the same as galaxy Y.
    The S5830i does not have a dedicated GPU, so it might have some problems running high graphics games and apps. Its CPU has been given excessive speed and additional task to calculate for graphics, thats why its much more difficult to port or make an ICS rom for this model. The extra CPU speed does not helps in the phone's performance, instead it compensates for lack of a dedicated GPU.

    In a developer's view(not me :p), the only similarity between S5830 and S5830i except for looks is that they have the same name.
    The chipset difference causes none of the available S5830 roms and mods to work on S5830i. Its more like galaxy Y than Ace.
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  7. twirler0301

    twirler0301 New Member

    Hi I am looking for cases to protect my phone and I'm not sure if I can use the same case for my s5830i to the s5830. I have looked on ebay but have seen cases for the s5830 but not as many for my model.
  8. twirler0301

    twirler0301 New Member

    oops Sorry I was meant to start a new thread not reply to here.

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