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  1. goat666

    goat666 Member

    I bought a new samsung s3 and the Model number is GT-19300T
    Whats the Difference Between The GT-19300 and the GT-19300T

  2. Mudrat

    Mudrat Member

    The " t " in i9300t is for the 850MHz band. There is only a small hardware change but basically they are the same phone.
    Some carriers here in Australia use the 850MHz band.
    Hope this helps.
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  3. goat666

    goat666 Member

    So does this mean that the GT-19300 is faster than the GT-19300T
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    No. Its about at what frequency it picks up radio signals. That's the only difference
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  5. goat666

    goat666 Member

    Thanks! a lot :)
  6. lewisbfield

    lewisbfield Active Member

    Thats not the only difference.
    when you update the i9300T to version 4.0.4 you can no longer simply tap and hold icons and widgets to move them around like on the i9300 nor can you change the bottom 5 icons anymore.

    this gets old VERY fast. i just sold mine and baught an i9300.
  7. goat666

    goat666 Member

    Oh. Well i got no issues like that not at all. All good for now
  8. skippy59

    skippy59 New Member

    If I understand correctly, my GT-19300T is capable of picking up not only 850MHz but also 900 and 2100MHz? It just seemlessly switches to whichever has the best signal? I read that vfone will be phasing out the 850MHz signal sometime soon. Where I'm coming from with these questions is that I live in Bellbowrie (17km from Brisbane CBD, not mountainous), was tired of constant call dropouts with vodafone so I switched to Amaysim (Optus) for a week and now I've been with Lycamobile (Telstra) for a week. My previous 1-2 bar coverage with vfone has gone to zero to 1 bar at best and can`t make or receive calls unless I go out into the street. Currently investigating whether to go back to vfone or get a 850mhz signal booster (which won't help the others in my family (vfone and optus). Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. p.s. hard to believe we're in 2014, 17km from CBD and can't make or receive calls on my mobile. I'm Australian but previously lived in Spain and had no such problems.
  9. kiwispouse

    kiwispouse New Member

    Can I assume this means they'd take the same battery? :D
  10. mydian

    mydian Well-Known Member

    Yes, same battery.
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