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  1. Bren S.

    Bren S. Well-Known Member

    So now that quite a few of us have the Official JB (yayy)..I was wondering what are some of the differences you've noticed??

    Positives and negatives.

    Thanks :)

  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

  3. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

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  4. Bren S.

    Bren S. Well-Known Member

    Thank you both for the links but I'm not wanting to know about roms or technical differences between ICs and JB.

    I wanted to know what people using it have found as positives and/or negatives since receiving the Official JB OTA.

    User feedback kind of thing. :)
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  5. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    Off the top of my head:

    I like how they have improved notificatins
    I like how smoothly it runs
    I like the new widget that identifies songs (Sound Search)

    I don't like how some of my apps don't work with JB
  6. theguest13

    theguest13 Well-Known Member

    I like,
    The new notifications,
    the new widgets,
    the speed of everything loading,
    The gallery loading in the camera app with a swipe.

    I don't like,
    Text trying to predict what my next word will be (ive turned this off)
    The soft buttons being grey (i prefered the blue)
    Google Now (all i get is example cards, seems pointless but ill give it time.)
    when looking at a picture in the gallery the mini slide thumbnails from the bottom have gone. (this was convenient)
    double tapping a flash video no longer makes it fit screen

    Ive not tried everything yet but getting there.
    Any others?
  7. jj14x

    jj14x Guides Guide

    By any chance, did JB add MAP support for SMS/Email over bluetooth?
  8. ravenas

    ravenas Well-Known Member

    I have the Google-branded unlocked GSM version (using it on Tmobile's prepaid $30 special plan). It's my "play" phone since my Galaxy S2 on Sprint is my main phone. (That just got updated to ICS yesterday coincidentally. Running out of Gingerbread in this house!)

    So far I have a trade off of pros and cons.

    Pro: Google Now is a very nifty feature.

    I couldn't find it at first (didn't realize it was integrated into Google's native search app), but now that I have I love it. It tells me my baseball scores, the weather, traffic info (though I work from home so there's no regular commute). I absolutely adore the ability to tell it to set an alarm for me or navigate to some place. In the later it will automatically find the address, launch Google Nav, turn on GPS and start directing me around. I've been using Google's voice turn-by-turn directions for years. Very awesome. And it's fun to do a barrel roll. ;)

    Cons: I lost access to my Flash Player.

    Yeah I know a lot of you guys will lecture me on the need for the web to jump HTML5, but a lot of it still isn't compatible. By losing Flash, Android looses a big selling point over iOS. (I really hate Adobe and suspect there's some collusion with Apple on this. At least for the timing of their announcement right in the middle of Google I/O.)

    The biggest pain was loosing access to Amazon Video. I had been purchasing my TV shows there. This pushes me toward the Play market (at best) and those grey markets (at worst). Amazon really needs to create an app for playing their video content on all devices and not just Kindle Fires. One of the main reasons I was comfortable jumping from iOS was the content library I could find at Amazon. The Play Store just isn't there yet.
  9. Bren S.

    Bren S. Well-Known Member

    I have flash on my GNex running JB. My understanding was as long as you grabbed it before 8/15 ?
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  10. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    I'm hearing conflicting reports. I've heard like you have that flash is available so long as you "buy" it from the Play Store (even though it is free) before August 15. However, some are claiming that if you have JB that it isn't available on the Play Store (items that aren't "compatible" with your phone are hidden). It would be interesting to find out which is correct. And I wonder if there is a difference between those that got JB OTA and those that loaded a ROM with JB.
  11. BKayrac

    BKayrac Well-Known Member

    stock jellybean, not compatible, can't install
  12. Bren S.

    Bren S. Well-Known Member

    I have JB via the OTA ,and I have flash player 11and it works fine. Took a screenshot to show it on my phone will post it later.
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  13. JBNex

    JBNex Well-Known Member

    Love the smoothness, project butter ftw!
  14. brounmoney

    brounmoney Well-Known Member

    To have flash on the gnex with JB you would have to download it before you updated. I got it when I was still on ICS so I still have it, but I searched the play store just now and there is nothing for it. If you have not downloaded before the update you are out of luck. The only thing I could think of it side loading it. It does work with JB, but Google has just removed it from the store.
  15. Bren S.

    Bren S. Well-Known Member

    My GNex running the OTA JB ...note Flash Player

    Playing a movie using Flash Player:
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  16. Bren S.

    Bren S. Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's possible for people that do not have Flash but want it to get the Flash Player apk and install it that way??
  17. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Well, I don't have the OTA, but I will stick to talking about something that is included in the OTA, and that is Google Now. Its just so convenient, I find more and more instead of unlocking to homescreen, I unlock to Google Now instead. We already had such an advantage over iOS with widgets for instant information, and now its even faster! Well done Google! :)
  18. JBNex

    JBNex Well-Known Member

    Yup, unlike iOS, Android optimizes performance and speed, rather than decreasing perfrmance on iOS
  19. theguest13

    theguest13 Well-Known Member

    Google now...I don't get it, ive read reviews and read what you guys are putting, but mine never shows anything in there, just the chance to see 'sample cards'. Do you reckon because im UK based its not fully compatible yet?
    like play magazines, that says my country is not compatible yet but google force installed it on my phone.
  20. JBNex

    JBNex Well-Known Member

    Same with me, Canada
  21. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    If you really want it, then one way to get it would be to unlock the phone, restore it back to 4.04, setup your phone again (including flash), then reinstall the JB update. I only mention this because it sounds as if you have just set up your phone (didn't get it updated prior to updating to JB).

    I've also heard you can sideload Flash, but I don't know the process.
  22. BKayrac

    BKayrac Well-Known Member

    not a biggie for me, mine was just more for knowledge of others checking

    but that method will help someone else i am sure :)
  23. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    Sideloading Flash is easy. You just download the apk, allow Unknown Sources in Development Options, and then your golden.
  24. RobDickson

    RobDickson Well-Known Member

    My main dislike is the redesigned pop-up window that asks me which app to use for a particular action. Please bring back the old one!

    You can't really blame that on JB can you?

    Just pinch to zoom out and you'll see the thumbnails again.

    I agree. It's lovely!
  25. aurora40

    aurora40 Well-Known Member

    I agree, now you have to do two steps where before there was one. It really pushes you to pick "always use this app".

    I also notice it is slightly less stable than before. Nothing huge, but like sometimes I will start Netflix and get a black screen after the movie "starts". A reboot and it is fine. ICS, I'd run the phone for a week or more without rebooting, rarely had any issue.

    Google Now is weird. I randomly get cards telling me how far from home I am, like at the store, but like at work all day I don't get one. It also sometimes hangs/crashes when the question ends with a google search vs a card. Card-answered queries are fast. But if there isn't a card for it, it more often than not takes a long time/becomes unresponsive.

    I like the voice keyboard, it is more consistent since it doesn't depend on the data speed/latency. But I prefer SwiftKey's actual keyboard. It's a shame it doesn't play well with the voice keyboard. I think every keyboard should have a long-press optional character. The Google kb has like 20 different punctuations on a submenu of the '.' key. Why not spread those out onto all the letter characters that have no secondary function?

    I suspect my battery life is shorter, but that may be coincidence. Often I can go a day and a half and still have a comfortable 30%. But lately I've needed to charge it every night. Could just be usage variance, or network/signal variance.

    I'm sure it will get better though, ICS needed a few follow-up stability releases too.

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