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Differences between the R and SIIGeneral

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  1. AllThingsPure

    AllThingsPure Well-Known Member

    What are the real differences between the Galaxy R and the SII?

    My operator suddenly drops the price of the R by $100 without similarly reducing the price of the SII. The price difference used to be $50 so now it's $150.

    I see the different camera. And 8GB for R vs 16GB for SII. Anything else of significance? Does the R have Swype?


  2. linussk

    linussk Member

    In India Sam Galaxy R doesnt have 8 GB internal memory.
    In my phone = Phone memory =2 GB, internal usb storage = 4 GB.
    That totals to 6 GB.
    The performance of the phone is fine. But cautious about the battery.
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  3. AllThingsPure

    AllThingsPure Well-Known Member

    Just bought it. The LCD is not as attractive as my current Galaxy S. Otherwise the R is very good value. The camera is much better than the Galaxy S.

    My R box says 8GB, but under Settings, USB storage is 3.65GB and Device memory is 1.76GB. So total 5.41 is also less than 8GB. Wonder what's happening here?
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  4. linussk

    linussk Member

    Hey, U wont regret using Galaxy R. The LCD display is not that bad. Hope we will get better battery running time compared to Galaxy S2. It has Android 2.3.5 version.
    Dual core 1 GHz is more than enough.
    Look in the Storage Tab in the Task manager app in ur galaxy R phone. The total space should be =

    USB STORAGE = 3.75 GB IS IT SO ?

    Are from India ?
  5. dasram

    dasram Member

    S2 has 8mp camera whereas R has 5 mp which is decent enough..S2 can shoot videos at 1080p ,R at 720p. S2 -> super amoled,R->S-lcd . R has Tegra 2 chipset and S2 has Exynos chipset. Pretty much thats it..
  6. siriusrooney

    siriusrooney New Member

    I would say, at around 7000 INR difference between the two, I wouldn't mind Galaxy R!!!
  7. saurabhkhare

    saurabhkhare New Member

    Internal Storage Partition:
    2GB = Device Memory
    3.75GB = USB Storage
    1GB --> 700MB + 300MB = RAM (700 for RAM, 300 for GPU)
    1GB ROM
  8. pixaro

    pixaro Well-Known Member

    Galaxy R has 5MP camera, S2 has 8MP
    R has Super clear LCD screen, S2 has gor Super AMOLED plus. (S2 has the better display)
    Galaxy R has a smaller screen
    All other features are same.
  9. EmoBoiix3

    EmoBoiix3 Active Member

    Galaxy R:
    1Ghz ARM-Cortex A9 dual-core
    5MP camera
    Tegra 2 (AP20H)

    Galaxy SII:
    1.2Ghz Samsung Exynos dual-core (I think)
    8MP camera
    Super AMOLED

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