Differences in Android 4.1 across Tablets

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    Apr 25, 2013
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    My question is related to how the same Android 4.1 O S would appear across the different tablets being sold now. Assuming a group of many tablets contained the same 4.1 OS; would "walking" thru each of them be the same or different? As an example, would the menus and their selections be the same in all of them? Or would I expect to find the menus and/or selections different for a Samsung Galaxy and a Prestige 7" tablet both running 4.1?

    This came to my mind when I was reading a thread on how to make the ext microsd be the recipient of apps instead of the internal memory. The thread said to go to Settings > Storage > Preferred install location > SD card. I got to setting and storage but there was nothing on preferred install location.

    I ask this to make sure I'm asking the right things on how to do something. If each tablet running 4.1 is very different, how do I ask the right question? My particular tablet is a Prestige 7L-4.1 which has so far performed very well.



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