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Different Ace 2 modelsGeneral

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  1. apinya24

    apinya24 Active Member

    HI, I bought an Ace 2, and am happy with the phone. However i want to use 3G (I'm in Thailand), and it looks like I cannot; apparently it only works at 850 MHz that the Ace GT-I8160L model has. My phone, the GT-I8160 works at a different MHz, is it possible to alter the band width so my phone will work? Also are there any other differences that people know.
    Sorry if I have doubled this but I was not sure it posted

  2. johnyfalco

    johnyfalco Active Member

    No you cant change the frequencies on your existing phone.
    You need the i8160L model to do the 850Mhz UMTS as used in Thailand and other countries.
  3. apinya24

    apinya24 Active Member

    Thanks mate, They sell both versions here but you don't get told that, and most sellers don't realise it either.


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