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  1. Sykoudis

    Sykoudis New Member

    i want to create an app that i want to have tree differents buttons and when i click the button saw me the url page that i save in each button in different Screen.
    For example
    when i click button1 (Screen1) i want to opened in Screen2 the webviewer with google.com
    when i click button2(Screen1)i want to opened in Screen the webviewer with msn.com.

  2. alexjpallo

    alexjpallo New Member

    I'm not sure if this is what you meant but here are some pictures..



    my email - dabomb61@ymail.com
  3. Sykoudis

    Sykoudis New Member

    First of all thank you very much.

    I do the same thing but when I click the button for example Google appear a message cloud that say that swinging form is not currently supported during development.

    And this is my problem that i can solved it.

    If you have same any idea how fix it or do the same thing with different way i will be grateful.
  4. Sykoudis

    Sykoudis New Member

    Hello is anybody who knows the solution of this problem?
  5. appinventor

    appinventor Active Member

    Yes, Sykoudis. You just need to pull out an msn.Initialize block from the msn screen and put a WebViewer GoToUrl block with an attached text block containing the MSN.com link inside. When you click your button to open the msn screen the web viewer there will show the web page. Of course you need to have a Web Viewer component on each screen where you will need it. Do the same for google.
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