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  1. CincyGT2009

    CincyGT2009 Well-Known Member

    I've had me Maxx a few weeks now. My wife just got hers last week. Today I happened to notice that when displaying the same thing her display tends more toward pink/purple while mine tends more toward green. Why would they differ noticeably? Does Moto buy the OLED panels from different suppliers?

  2. AlbinLee

    AlbinLee Well-Known Member

    The thing about oLED is that they come in batches. As they have continued to evolve the technology, there is still a lot of "lottery" going on. Things like color temperature and the tendency of "black spots" behind the screen (usually only seen on all black screen at lowest brightness) are all part of this lottery. That being said: as they perfect the technology, consistency will improve. For now, it is what it is. I don't mind because the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. SamOLED screens just look beautiful. The warmer color tones I very much prefer, and the color saturation makes it look so nice.

    I guess it could have a 720p display, but then it would be too perfect, wouldn't it?
  3. arparaspolo

    arparaspolo Well-Known Member

    Mine has a half and half that is VERY annoying. I am going to get it replaced. On certain screens, the left half is bright and beautiful while the right half is dingy, dirty looking. :/ and I don't have black spots, I have streaks all along the right side of my screen. It is crap when watching movies/videos with dark scenes. Hopefully my new one will be perfect :D I am wary about switching because the hardware and software is perfect. No reboots or lags or anything. I hope the next performs just as well. Fingers Crossed.
  4. AlbinLee

    AlbinLee Well-Known Member

    Just growing pains of the technology. Well worth the trouble to upgrade from the Pentile displays IMO. Hope your new one works better for you. My screen looks phenomenal aside from a couple black spots, but you have to really be looking for them to let it bother you. Can't even see them unless I am in a pitch black room with brightness at 0%, staring at an all black screen for 5 min.

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